Adobe Partners With Rarible, Other NFT Marketplaces to Tackle Digital Art Theft


Adobe partnered with mainstream non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Rarible and some other popular NFT marketplaces to improve the authenticity of digital art created using Adobe’s Creative Cloud (CC) suite Which includes Photoshop and Stock. . Adobe users can link their accounts to their social media profiles or crypto wallets. If they sell their art as NFTs, markets will be able to show a digital certificate based on Adobe-verified credentials. These verified credentials will also be linked on Adobe’s online portfolio portal – Behance.

adobe Likes to call this feature ‘Content Credentials’, which will essentially capture identification data as an image is edited on Creative Cloud software and stored as metadata. The feature is optional, and the company has launched a website where the credential metadata of images can be verified. The entire process is designed and streamlined to “combat misinformation with content characterized and verifiable veracity”. This feature is being launched for the first time Photoshop Users in beta mode.

Two years ago, Adobe co-founded Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) to combat visual misinformation and protect creators through digital origins. Rare and some others NFT Markets like KnownOrigin, open sea, and SuperRare joins CAI to help display content credential metadata that is publicly visible. Over the years, the Content Authenticity Initiative has gathered over 375 members, including the BBC, Getty Images, Microsoft, nicono And many more.

Through content credentials and CAI, NFT creators will have the option to host their work under a pseudonym, display their online identity or cryptographic addresses associated with real social media profiles.

Will Allen, Adobe’s vice president in charge of Behance, noted that Adobe has no interest in creating its own NFT marketplace. “We’re really focused on enabling these creators to showcase their work. I think we can do particularly well and allow them to showcase their work and then go down these lanes.” You can do it wherever you want.”

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