Android 12 Update for Google Pixel Phones Starts Rolling Out: How to Download


Android 12 has started rolling out for Pixel phones, Google announced on Tuesday at its Pixel Fall launch event. The latest Android version was first released as a developer preview in February and was detailed at Google’s I/O developer conference in May. Google also made the Android 12 source code available for the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) earlier this month. Android 12 brings a new design language called Material U, which aims to enhance personalization on Android devices. There are also new privacy controls, including the ability for users to share their approximate location with third-party apps.

Features of Android 12

one of the biggest changes Android 12 Content is the language you design for your Pixel phone. this is with the aim of increasing privatization On devices by allowing users to choose custom color palettes and new widgets according to their tastes and preferences. New Android The version also includes fluid motion and animations to provide a refreshing user experience.

Android 12 brings users a better personalized experience
photo credit: google

Android 12 is also claimed to optimize the overall user experience with better power efficiency. It also includes built-in improvements to reduce the CPU time required for core system services by up to 22 percent and the use of large cores by system servers by up to 15 percent. It helps to create a faster and more responsive user experience.

Google has also included a list of new privacy-focused changes in Android 12 to provide better privacy controls. There’s a new privacy dashboard to detail permission settings and what data is being accessed by which app. There is also an option to give approximate location permission instead of giving exact location details to third-party apps. A new indicator will also appear on the top-right corner of the screen when any installed app accesses the built-in microphone or camera. It all sounds like privacy controls Apple introduced earlier iOS release.

Android 12 Approximate Location Image Android 12

Android 12 improves user privacy with new features
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Android 12 is also claimed to deliver faster machine learning experiences and more responsive notifications by reducing system-level latency. There is also support for the AV1 Image File Format (AVIF) to improve image quality for the same file size compared to older image formats, including JPEG. Additionally, Android 12 comes with a compatible media transcoding feature to improve video quality and compression.

How to Get Android 12 Update on Google Pixel Devices

Android 12 is joining a list of Google Pixel phones that include google pixel 3handjob Pixel 3 XLhandjob Pixel 3ahandjob Pixel 3a XLhandjob Pixel 4handjob Pixel 4 XLhandjob Pixel 4ahandjob Pixel 4a 5g, And this Pixel 5. Once the update reaches your eligible Pixel phone, you’ll receive a notification to download it. You can check for updates manually by going to System > advanced > system update.

Android 12 Rollout Pixel 4a Image Gadgets 360 Android 12

Android 12 is now live for eligible Google Pixel phones

In addition to the earlier Pixel phones, Android 12 will be available for devices from manufacturers, including samsunghandjob oneplushandjob Oppositionhandjob my true formhandjob technohandjob Vivo, And Xiaomi In the coming future. Latest Android version will also be available pre-installed on it Pixel 6 And Pixel 6 Pro Phone.

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