Battlefield 2042 Open Beta Hands-On: Non-Strategic Abundance


Battlefield 2042 is for veterans and their shenanigans. The game arrived in Early Access beta on October 6th and we’ve already seen fighter jets flying through tunnels, an unsuspecting soldier shooting down a helicopter pilot from a wild distance, and a player’s special achievement of nearly It is traveling in space, which is attached to a rocket. This is the Disneyland of destruction—and we haven’t talked about tornadoes yet. But, does the amount of antics make for a particularly enjoyable first-person shooter (FPS) experience, especially in the absence of a solo campaign?

The answer depends on where you’re coming from. Battlefield loyalists, for example, are in for Chaos that 128 players can engage in a 30-minute all-out battle. The gameplay is exciting, open and welcoming. Regardless of their expertise, players can take turns transforming into fighter jets, Apache attack helicopters and tanks, or call-in to paradrop an available vehicle in their place.

loadout in Battlefield 2042 Betas are standard for all and customizing the weapon of your choice is simple compared to other FPS franchises like Duty. The game is like a combat version of an open-world role-playing game (RPG). Because within the stipulated limit of time and work, you can choose whoever you want to be.

But it’s an entirely different ballgame if you’re hoping for personal glory on the battlefield with a moderate skill.

Battlefield 2042 Beta Game Modes and Maps

Beta is set in Orbital, a detailed map adorned with rolling hills, a launchpad for a spacecraft, and friendly tornadoes encouraging contact. EA Dice Say it’s just one slice of the whole pie. Plus, it’s also meant to represent what Battlefield 2042 is all about.

The only game mode in the beta is the franchise’s classic Conquest mode – a struggle to capture and dominate flags or territories – and the number of players has increased from 64 to 128. Graduating from 2018’s Battlefield V set in WWII, the 17th installment (counting the expansion) delivers on the long-running franchise the promise of engaging visuals, new mechanics, and everything futuristic.

What it leaves behind is a single campaign and later a story, which also takes the opportunity for new players to learn the gameplay at their own pace. The developers are clearly relying on the curiosity of loyalists and new players and are eager to learn on the fly.

Newbies must be shot, run over, and blown up until they develop similar destructive abilities, ruining the team’s combined response. But while in the grind, they can try out new weapons, squad up for support, find spots to ambush enemies, and master new skills and vehicles.

Battlefield 2042 gunplay remains tough on newbies without any objective-assistance and, as mentioned, the single campaign is lacking for experience. Increasing the number of players to 128 also means that individual contributions are of less relevance – unless of course you’re stacking cleverly to compete for the top team, which again requires some experience and A lot of skill will be required.

So if you’re coming from a competitive FPS franchise like Call of Duty, be prepared to return to a more exciting world that gives you the time and space to enjoy the experience, but one that takes little approval. .

Gunplay isn’t the central focus in Battlefield 2042, but it makes for more destruction than it does.
photo credit: EA DICE

Battlefield 2042 beta gameplay: what works and what doesn’t

Let’s start with the bug: People in the Battlefield 2042 beta are having some trouble getting in. Our experience on the Xbox Series S returned a one-time EA server connection error, but others complaining on the EA forums have made it worse. There were a few other bugs — a sudden drop in framerates, and uneven shadows — but nothing that could keep you from the next glorious death.

The most fun is being with Mackay, representing one of the four Operator classes on offer, each with their own special abilities – Assault (Mackay), Engineer (Boris), Recon (Casper), and Support (Falk). ). All four can now heal a fellow mate but only Falk can heal from afar and bring them back to full health.

Now you can change scopes or under-barrels on the fly—like from a precision scope to a red dot—and it’s a nifty addition that brings some much-needed focus back to gunplay. Just expect the light machine gunners to suddenly bow down and start sneezing.

Loadouts are fully customizable. You can play with Casper in the Gilly suit and have him run around in the open with a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) launcher. But special abilities are not interchangeable. Speaking of which, people are abusing — and having fun — with McKay’s grappling hook, which allows a player to sling back and forth, from point A to B. It can be faster than walking and running if it is abused well and done. It’s a fun tool, though, as EA DICE promises even bigger maps at launch.

A less pleasant hack comes in the form of sprinting + sliding — hello, Call of Duty — which takes away from the feel of a dirty battlefield. we just left From playing Call of Duty: Vanguard, and sorry for the loss of distinction.

The vehicles are limited, similar to Battlefield V, but if you don’t land one during deployment, you can use the game’s call-in system to ask HQ to paradrop you one — tank, armored car, the whole shebang. can. You can ask to send a robot dog that comes with a gun. It follows you, but automatically sees and kills enemies. Overall, the mechanics are pretty much the same, the advanced weapon systems are superb, and the modern vehicles are a treat as long as you can learn to use them well. This is largely where the fun lies.

However not everything works. The sound, for one, is pretty balanced in the beta. You can mostly just hear airplanes and tanks, while enemy footsteps are non-existent. Imagine your frustration when you’ve successfully overcome a helicopter and a handful of snipers, only to be stabbed to death by a bachelor who isn’t fully known. Separating enemy soldiers from your own is another challenge with no gap between operator skins. Expect to be leapfrogged by fellow teammates.

Killing one in 64 people is satisfying, to say the least, but it’s hard to feel in Battlefield 2042. Hit marker on the crosshair When you’ve landed a shot (white), hit an armor (blue). , and killed someone (white-red) in the moment it is difficult to read and get used to. The murder confirmation comes in the form of a small skull in the center of your screen which is also easy to miss. no ping.

Battlefield 2042 Conquest in Orbital with 128 players is a vast field and can be overwhelming for new players. Gunplay, as is true for the franchise, isn’t central to the experience, while a spectacular arsenal of weapons, vehicles and an interactive environment – you can bombard a spaceship or get sucked in by a tornado – more than make up. For this.

The beta has cleared the big picture of how the game will play out and it’s beautifully chaotic. Hoping the game modes yet to be previewed in Battlefield Portal – custom rules, maps, arsenal – and Battlefield Hazard Zone – are still largely a mystery – bring some sense and take control back to strategic solo and squad play.

Battlefield 2042 from EA DICE is out Nov 19. Its price in India starts from Rs. 2,999 for PC via Origin, Steam and Epic Games, Rs. 3,999 on PS4 and Xbox One, and Rs. 4,499 on PS5 and Xbox Series S/X. The game’s open beta is live until Sunday, October 10, at 7 AM UTC (12:30 PM IST).