BTS ‘Permission to Dance on Stage’: Virtual Concert Brings Firsts to Fans

Korean music sensation BTS held a virtual concert this weekend with a live streaming event that audiences around the world can attend. This includes a large fanbase in countries such as India, which usually do not become a part of Korean pop-culture, among other things. -Hands on experience. While the pandemic shut down much of the world, for some fans, it has opened up opportunities like never before thanks to the internet.

The event began with something that many fans may not have experienced – a live soundcheck. For offline concerts, tickets to Soundcheck are limited, and not easy to secure. Thus gaining close experience with the artists was a first for many.

“I never imagined managing to get BTS (offline) concert tickets, let alone SoundCheck access. But the way BTS and other artists around the world are interacting with fans during this unprecedented time Well, that’s great. Sound checking can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” says Ravneet Sandhu, a Korean language student and French language teacher at Alliance Française, Chandigarh.

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The online concert offered 4K streaming with six multi-angle-view windows, and HYBE (the managing agency of BTS) also added more virtual experiences, such as a waiting room to meet fans, where band members could speak to them directly. could do.

“It’s disappointing that we have to do this online, but you can still see us with your monitor. We’ll do our best so you can enjoy the best,” BTS lead singer Jungkook said in a waiting room chat. Message left (translated from Korean).

“These little addons definitely add to the overall experience and make us feel more connected with the cast,” says Tanzila Shaikh, a Korean language translator based in New Delhi.

Six Angle View Bighit Music D

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Online concerts also don’t have capacity limits – HYBE previously reported that in 2020, the ‘Map of the Soul On: E’ online concert was viewed by a total of 993,000 people in 191 countries. Later, in April 2021, ‘Bang Bang Con’ attracted 27 lakh viewers.

This time too, for the first time ever, there were viewers who could experience live K-pop thanks to the online offering. “I sometimes listen to his songs and never think of attending a concert. But since it is online, why not,” said Shruti Bakshi, a student from New Delhi.

for the first time and for the first time

The concert set list also came along much earlier. This time there was no solo performance and even the unit performance was attended by all seven members. “This was our first attempt; We wanted to show all seven of them without any solo performances,” BTS member V said during their finale (what K-pop fans call the chats that artists have with the audience, often between songs).

Every BTS era was also represented on the set list, and was a mix of nostalgic, iconic, and fun numbers. The group gave a new twist to their English single ‘Butter’ by adding a special dance break, this time singing their hits ‘Life Goes On’, ‘Boy with Love’ and ‘Dynamite’ with the band live. There was “Blood Sweat and Tears” with completely new choreography and a short mix of “Fake Love” and “Black Swan”.

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They also performed songs like ‘Dis-ease’, ‘Telepathy’ and ‘Stay’ which resonated strongly with people as these numbers convey a shared sense of uncertainty during the pandemic.

“I was looking at the empty seats singing ‘Spring Day.’ It’s so sad; tears welled up in my eyes. But we’re all in this together,” Jungkook said. Like, wait a while for us, we will come to see you soon. Thank you for always loving and supporting us,” added member J-Hope.

The concert ended with their English single ‘Permission to Dance’, after which it was revealed that the ‘BTS Permission to Dance on Stage – LA’ in-person (offline) concert would also be live streamed in the USA.

Concerts at Sophie Stadium, LA in November and December of this year, will be the first face-off for BTS and ARMY since the final of the 2019 BTS World Tour Love Yourself: Speak Yourself.

BTS member Jin said during their finale, “Starting with the US tour, we’ll do our best to come to you and perform as many as you can.”