Crypto-Tennis: Davis Cup Organisers Team Up With Blockchain Provider Chiliz to Launch Fan Tokens


The International Tennis Federation and Davis Cup organizers Kosmos Tennis have agreed to enter into an agreement with blockchain provider Chiliz to launch an official Davis Cup fan token on – a platform designed for football clubs to launch fan tokens. Known for The fan token in question, codenamed the ‘$DAVIS Fan Token’, will provide fans of the prestigious tournament the opportunity to gain access to a whole bunch of competitions and interactive content around a single event, broadly akin to the World Cup, But for tennis.

according to a report by narametricsThese fan-specific engagement opportunities for $DAVIS Fan Token holders will include the chance to speak and vote on a range of initiatives by participating in interactive polls running on the app. as a platform boasts 1.2 million users worldwide and identifies itself as a direct-to-consumer platform that enables the world’s leading sports organizations to engage with and monetize their global fan base. Uses blockchain technology to provide tools for

It is not yet clear how many tokens will be offered for sale and how much each will cost. However we do know that this year’s edition of the Davis Cup Final will take place from November 25 to December 5 in three different cities – Madrid, Innsbruck and Turin. Participants will include 18 countries divided into six groups of three.

Enrique Rojas, CEO of Cosmos Tennis, explained, “The tie-up with and the launch of the Davis Token will help us improve the experience for our fans so that they can truly feel part of the event. Fans are a fundamental in Davis. And now that traveling the world is still complicated due to COVID, fan tokens will allow fans to feel part of the event.”

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