DC FanDome 2021: Time in India, How to Watch, and What to Expect


DC Fandom is back! On Saturday, October 16, DC Comics and its parent Warner Bros. return with the second edition of their massive virtual convention for DC movies, TV shows, games, comics, and more. DC Fandom 2021 will include The Batman black adam, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and two versions of Flash (Then). The likes of Dwayne Johnson, John Cena, Jason Momoa and Robert Pattinson will appear during DC Fandome 2021. And that’s just on the film side of things. More importantly, it’s all online and completely free.

there is no complete schedule dc fandom 2021 unfortunately. Unlike last time, DC This time around it’s going for something more suspenseful, though it did give us a list of what to expect. We’ll get into that in a minute. We look forward to seeing trailers, teasers, first looks and sneak peeks at those aforementioned titles – some have already been confirmed – in addition to the return and new Arrowverse And hbo max The series, and two new major DC games focused on the Batman family and Suicide Squad. With that, here’s how to tune in to DC Fandome 2021. It’s time to put on your dress.

dc fandom 2021 time

The mega virtual DC event will begin on Saturday, October 16th at 10:30 PM BST in India / 10 AM in the US / 6 PM BST in the UK. Use it easy converter Click here to find out what time DC FanDome 2021 starts in your city.

While the main event will begin at 10:30 pm IST, it will be preceded by the DC KIDS Fandome, an exclusive standalone experience for kids and parents alike. The DC KIDS fandome begins at 9:30 PM IST in India / 9 PM PDT in the US / 5 PM BST in the UK.

How to Watch DC Fandome 2021

Like last year, DC FanDome 2021 will be available here DCFanDome.com. You can catch both the children’s program and the main event at the DC FanDome’s official website.

Additionally, DC Fandome 2021 will also be available DC And Warner Bros. Official YouTube channel. Updates will also be posted to the DC’s officer Facebookhandjob instagram, And Twitter Accounts.

This way, you can enjoy DC FanDome in multiple languages ​​including Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian and Spanish.

We’ve got the DC FanDome 2021 live stream designed for India below, so you can bookmark this page to watch it if you want.

dc fandom 2021 schedule

In 2020, DC gave us a minute by minute breakdown How will the DC fandom unfold? This allowed fans to plan what they wanted to watch. Unfortunately, we don’t have that this time. It’s clear that DC wants fans to stay tuned for the entire event, not just tune in for their favorite parts. So much for serving the fans.

We only have a glimpse of what’s to come from DC at the moment for DC FanDome 2021.

Batman The trailer is the biggest thing, which has been confirmed multiple times by DC and The Batman team. We’ll also get our first glimpse of the Johnson-led black adamLed by Ezra Miller Flash, and DC League of Super-Pets. Additionally, DC Fandome 2021 will take us behind the scenes Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, And Shazam! fury of the gods.

From the TV side of things, there will be an “exclusive look” for the Cena-led peacemaker On HBO Max, Ava DuVernay Naomi series, and the dystopian HBO Max miniseries DMZ. There will also be a first glimpse of several comeback series, including Flash season 8, Batwoman Season 3, Superman & Lois Season 2, and Sweet Tooth Season 2. And running for sneak peek titans season 3 more doom patrol Season 3, and an upcoming DC star Girl case.

Video games are also part of the DC Fandome 2021. Gotham Knights, developed by Warner Bros. Games Montreal, and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice LeagueDeveloped by Rocksteady Studios, the two were featured in last year’s DC Fandom — and will return this year with an extended look.

In the animated department, DC FanDome 2021 will give us a first look Harley Quinn season 3, aquaman: king of atlantis miniseries, upcoming Batman: Caped Crusader, and Young Justice: The Phantom. There will be a trailer for the animated heist film Catwoman: Haunted and a glimpse at the animated film injustice Inspired by the Superman-Turn-Evil story of the same name.

Are you looking forward to DC Fandome 2021? Stay tuned as we here at Gadgets 360 bring you live updates from the event.