Experience Dolby With Gadgets 360: Turn Your Smartphone Into a Music Streaming Powerhouse


Good audio on your smartphone can make a huge difference in everything you do – whether it’s playing video games, watching movies or shows, or listening to music or podcasts. And we are not the only ones to think so – a recent consumer study by CyberMedia Research (CMR) titled, ‘What does audio mean for Indian smartphone users 2021?’ It turns out that Indians tend to prioritize audio quality over battery life or cameras when buying a smartphone. It just goes to show that we Indians focus on a better audio experience to enjoy the content we love on our smartphones.

We are a mobile-first nation and love to listen to music, podcasts, or even audiobooks on the go on our smartphones. Good quality audio not only enhances our experience but also helps create a deeper and more immersive connection with the content and our favorite artists.

So how do you make sure you’re not getting lost, and getting the best possible audio experience on your mobile? Experience with Gadgets 360 That’s what we’ve been discovering now with the latest version of Dolby. We’ll share tips on how to get the best audio experience on your smartphone with Dolby Atmos.

Tip 1: Choose What Professionals to Choose

Most of the top artists today are using Dolby Atmos to mix their recordings to give you a full range of sound, and a realistic audio experience. Some of the top artists in the music industry create music using Dolby Atmos technology. This not only allows them to have an emotional connect with the listeners, but also fully delivers their creative intent so that you can experience true fidelity audio.

But if you’re not using a Dolby Atmos enabled smartphone (which now covers most brands) and the streaming service, you’re going to miss out on the next level of entertainment experience.

“Listening to my music in Dolby Atmos has been almost a life-changing experience for me. Isolation, atmosphere, clarity. Once you listen to music in Dolby Atmos, it is going to be very difficult for you to go back to listening to music in stereo,” says renowned composer Ishaan Noorani from Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy.

That’s why you want to make sure you’re listening to your favorite music on the right streaming platforms that are Dolby Atmos enabled, so that songs are richer, fuller, and unlock new levels of emotion as you discover those details. The ones you never paid attention to before. , whether you are listening to music at home or on the go.

Tip 2: Podcasts or Music? Make Sure It’s Dolby Atmos

One important thing to remember is that the streaming service you choose is going to play a very important role in this experience. We’re no longer loading thousands of songs onto our phones – those days are far behind us. But this means that your experience is now dependent on the quality of the content that other platforms are offering.

The good news here is that if you’re using a major platform it likely has Dolby Atmos support – it’s easy to check online and find out before you sign up. There’s a good range of options too – Hungama Music, for example, has Bollywood playlists tailored in Dolby Atmos, while Apple Music has a great global collection with several featured Dolby Atmos playlists.

Thanks to this support, you can now listen to songs and feel them all around you, unlocking new levels of emotion, no matter what the genre. The same is true when listening to podcasts. A lot of creators are now using Dolby Atmos to bring their stories to life, and so having this feature on your phone can make these experiences more engaging.

For example, Earshot streams some of its signature podcasts in Dolby Atmos. It combines storytelling with sound that is close to what you would hear in the real world. It’s a podcast experience so true to life that the lines between fantasy and reality begin to blur.

Tip 3: Make the Right Choice

Be it podcasts or music, Dolby Atmos will take you deeper into the world and lives of the characters in the story and provide unparalleled clarity and depth to your favorite songs. It’s also relatively easy to get this experience today – you’ll find that Dolby Atmos is supported on most major streaming platforms, so you won’t have to give up your favorite pick to find this feature, just look for the Dolby badge and make sure you get the most. Getting good experience can provide the platform of your choice.

Make sure you buy a Dolby Atmos enabled smartphone, which is available in various price segments, choose the right music or podcast streaming app and choose content that supports Dolby Atmos. It was Dolby experience with Gadgets 360 and I hope you find these tips helpful because we want you to experience breath-taking audio and get the best out of our products.