Facebook Live Audio Rooms Launched for Creators, Public Figures, Groups Globally


Facebook is rolling out a new feature to improve the audio experience of users on the platform. The social media giant has unveiled Live Audio Rooms for public figures, creators and groups globally. The new feature – launched in response to growing interest in Clubhouse – will allow users to host live audio discussions on the platform. Facebook has already started testing the feature in the US, but the official announcement from the company about the global launch came on October 11. Facebook recently added podcast listening options in the US. The company is also testing Soundbytes audio clip options.

Alexandru Voica (@alexvoica), and Facebook executive, tweeted About the global launch of the new Live Audio Rooms feature. According to the tweet, all verified public figures, creators and groups on Facebook around the world will have the ability to host a live audio room. Voica said Facebook is providing more tools for creators and communities to connect, help people find new voices, and exchange ideas. Live Audio Rooms is currently in the testing phase for Android and Desktop. Voica confirmed that Facebook is testing the ability to create Live Audio Rooms from the Android app and listen in from the desktop.

when facebook first announced In June this year, the feature, Live Audio Room was available only in the iOS app. Now, users can also create ‘rooms’ in its Android app. rooms work just as well club house. Users can listen and join live conversations. Also, public figures can invite friends, followers, other verified public figures or any audience in the room to be speakers. The number of speakers is limited to 50, and there is no limit to the number of listeners.

Users can search for live audio rooms to join from places like the News Feed and through notifications. While listening to a conversation, users will be notified when friends or followers join. There are also options to enable Live Caption, raise a hand to request to join the conversation, and use Reactions to participate in real time.

Facebook has also launched another audio feature called podcast. Users can publish their podcasts to Facebook to share their shows with followers and allow new people to discover them. Listeners can share episodes directly on the platform. Podcasts features are currently available for US listeners on mobile. Facebook is considering rolling out more features, including captions and the ability to create and share short clips of podcasts.

Facebook says launching Live Audio Rooms and Podcasts in the US is just the beginning of the audio journey. The company confirmed that it is working with creators to develop and launch soundbites which are short-form, creative audio clips. The feature will enable users to post and share edited snippets of audio across the platform. The Soundbite feature is expected to rival TikTok.