Facebook Redesigns Pages With ‘Intuitive’ UI, Brings Dedicated News Feed


Facebook has redesigned its Pages section in India to make it easier to differentiate between personal and public profiles. Facebook pages are different from profiles and they are specifically for businesses, brands, organizations and public figures to share their stories and connect with people. Facebook says the new page design aims to make it easier to find and manage activities. It brings the ability to follow others and share likes and comments on updates from your own page. The new page design is said to make it easier for businesses to understand actionable insights on content performance, including audience trends.

new page redesign, Facebook It aims to build a community for public figures and creators in India and make it easier for them to achieve their business objectives on the platform. The entire layout is said to be more intuitive, with a crisper look and feel. It claims to ease the navigation between personal profile and public page. Facebook says it is bringing a dedicated news feed to Pages, making it easier for businesses and organizations to follow trends, interact with peers, and engage with fans. The News Feed is also said to suggest new connections to other public figures, such as Pages, groups, and trending content.

Facebook says Page conversations will now be visible to a wider audience and appear more frequently in followers’ News Feeds. It has also introduced the ability to follow a page directly from comments and recommendation posts. The social media platform is also introducing a new text-based Q&A format to support rich, interactive conversations.

Followers of the Page will now receive updates from their favorite Page. Facebook has also updated task-based admin controls, which include the ability to explicitly assign and manage admin access and assign permissions based on specific tasks. Page admins can now be given full or varying levels of access to manage specific tasks, including insights, advertising, content, community activity, and messages.

Lastly, the new page design is said to also bring improved security and integrity features to detect hate speech, violent, sexual or spammy content, and activities such as impersonation. Pages with the Verified badge are said to have wider visibility and make their comments more visible in posts. Facebook confirms that the new design will not affect existing admin rights for existing ad campaigns and Pages.