HTC Vive Flow Lightweight VR Glasses Launched: Price, Features


HTC on Thursday, October 14, unveiled a new virtual reality (VR) headset called the HTC Vive Flow with a lightweight design. The latest wearable that HTC calls VR glasses looks like a VR headset that can be worn like a pair of glasses. The foldable VR headset has dual cameras, adjustable diopter dials and dual inbuilt speakers. It is compatible with the Vive app. HTC Vive Flow comes with 100-degree field-of-view (FoV), 4GB of RAM and 64GB of onboard memory with 75Hz refresh rate.

HTC Vive Flow price, availability

The HTC Vive Flow is priced at $499 (approximately Rs 37,400) and will be available for purchase from November 2. There are pre-orders for the device live now Users who order VR glasses in the US and Europe, and before October 31st, will receive a protective Vive Flow Case for free. The case is compatible with all Vive Flow series products and will be dispatched by the same date. In addition, HTC Vive Flow also comes with a two-month Viveport Infinity subscription.

This time, HTC No information has been shared about the availability of VR glasses in India.

HTC Vive Flow Specifications, Features

HTC Vive Flow has two 2.1-inch LCD displays with a resolution of 1600 x 1600 per eye. It supports 75Hz refresh rate and 100-degree FoV. The device has adjustable diopter dials for easy focus adjustment for each lens.

The foldable VR glasses feature a sleek, dual-hinged fit design to match varying head shapes and sizes, and an active cooling system to ensure comfort while wearing. There are replaceable face gaskets and temple pads, making them easy to clean.

HTC Vive Flow offers 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. The headset doesn’t come with controllers and can be paired with Android smartphones — and not yet iOS devices — via Bluetooth v5 connectivity that acts as a controller. Users can cast phone apps to the screen in VR using the Miracast option. It also works with the Vive app.

The wearable is equipped with two front-facing cameras for motion tracking. It also supports video pass-through for environmental awareness.

HTC Vive Flow comes with inbuilt stereo speakers with spatial audio support. It has dual noise, echo-canceling microphones that eliminate obstructions. Additionally, the VR headset supports all Bluetooth headphones. Other connectivity options on the HTC Vive Flow include USB Type C-port and Wi-Fi.

The wearable does not include the power adapter in the retail box and can be connected to an external power source. It is compatible with the HTC Vive Flow Power Adapter, which is sold as separately. HTC has rolled out the latest VR glasses with a hot-swapping feature that gives users up to 5 minutes to switch power sources — such as smartphones and power banks — when the source device’s battery is running low. This ensures that the device does not reboot when the power source is changed.

HTC Vive Flow weighs 189 grams. The headset cable is 1.2 meters long and the total weight of the headset with the cable is 239 grams.