McDonald’s China Launches Its First-Ever NFT Despite Government’s Anti-Crypto Stance


McDonald’s China has launched its first non-fungible token (NFT) called the Big Mac Rubik’s Cube, despite the Chinese government’s tough stance on cryptocurrency trading in the country. The launch aims to celebrate 31 years of McDonald’s in mainland China.

a report good By CoinTelegraph says McDonald’s China unveiled its Big Mac Rubik’s Cube NFT on October 8th and 188 of these are to be presented as limited gifts to lucky customers and employees. NFT’s design is inspired by the three-dimensional structure of McDonald’s new office headquarters in Shanghai, China, which was inaugurated on the same day.

What is strange though is that it goes against the strict stance of the Chinese government on crypto transactions.

Built on the Conflux public blockchain and created in collaboration with a digital asset creation firm called Cocafe, a blog post shows that every NFT is said to be “unique, indivisible, and not tamperable”.

However, this is not the first for the fast-food chain. In September, rivals, Burger King, also launched their NFT campaign called Keep It Real Meals, which was auctioned on the NFT marketplace suite. Brands like Budweiser and Taco Bell also joined the bandwagon earlier this year. In August, the popular beer brand changed its Twitter display picture to a hand-drawn beer Rocket NFT, which it bought for 8 ether, which was around $26,000 (approximately Rs 19,64,054) at the time. The chain also registered an Ethereum domain name, bear.eth, for 30 ethers, which at the time was worth around $100,000 (approximately Rs 75,54,055). Taco Bell also entered the NFT circle earlier this year as it announced the sale of taco-themed GIFs and images on NFT marketplace Rebible.

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