Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro Will Get ‘Quick Tap to Snap’ to Let Users Quickly Access Snapchat From Lockscreen

The Pixel 6 series will get a feature called ‘Quick Tap to Snap’, which will allow users to access the Snapchat camera directly from the lockscreen of the latest Google phone. At the Pixel Fall launch event on Tuesday, Snap announced its partnership with Google to enable the new feature exclusively for the latest Pixel phones. By allowing users to access the Snapchat camera from the lockscreen, the Pixel 6 models have become the fastest phones to make snaps, the company said. This is also the first time that the camera mode version of Snapchat is available for access from the lockscreen.

To use the ‘Quick Tap to Snap’ feature, users need to tap on the back of the bus Pixel 6 Or Pixel 6 Pro when the phone is locked. This will allow users to make snaps without having to unlock the device. However, sharing Snaps online requires the Pixel 6 phone to be unlocked.

Pixel 6 Pro users will also be able to use the ultra-wide camera to take wide shots in Snapchat’s new Ultrawide Selfie feature.

Snap Managing Director of International Markets, Nana Murugesan, “This OEM lockscreen integration is an important step toward making Snapchat the fastest way to share a moment, and we look forward to working with our partners from Google and beyond to do more in our community. Look forward to bringing innovation.” said in a statement.

Along with lockscreen integration, crack And Google Announced the exclusive augmented reality (AR) lens. Google’s key Pixel features, including live translation, will also be available directly in Snapchat’s chat feature on the Pixel 6 series. This will allow Snapchatters to communicate with their friends on the platform in more than 10 languages.

“Partnering with Snap to bring this Pixel-first capability to our new phones and help users take over the world,” Rick Osterloh, Google’s Senior Vice President, Devices and Services, said in a joint statement with Snap. is exciting.”

The new features will be available to Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users in the coming months.

“Billions of Snaps are created every day, and through device partnerships like these, Snap is making it easier than ever to bring Snap moments to our community,” said Ben Schwerin, Snap’s Senior Vice President of Content and Partnerships.

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