Play-to-Earn NFT Game MonkeyBall Raises over $3 Million Funding

Play-to-earn gaming platform Monkeyball has added another huge amount of $3 million (about Rs 22.4 crore) in a new funding round. Several venture capital firms as well as angel investors participated in the funding round, including Solana Capital, Republic, NFX, and iAngels. The investment comes at a time when several game-based play-to-earn models have caught the attention of investors. The play-to-earn games allow gamers to collect NFT collectibles and crypto tokens while playing. These collectibles and tokens can be traded for profit.

Monkeyball is an arcade football game featuring larger-than-life monkeys. With each win, players are rewarded solana token

“When a match ends, the in-game currency token, the Monkeybucks ($MBS), is split between the winning team, the stadium owner, and the spectators vested for the winning team,” Official Game Website telling.

LongHash, CMS, Jump Capital, UB, Morningstar Ventures, Banter Capital, Ascentive Assets, MarketAcross, Node Capital, ZBS Capital, Metaversal, Collider, BFF, and 6th Man Ventures are among other investors who have invested in the game. report good Revealed by Cryptopotato.

“is an exciting and rapidly growing application for play-to-earn blockchain and NFT, but finding games with the best production quality isn’t easy. The first play-to-earn game to become truly mainstream is still in the future, and we are working hard to realize the future of Monkeyball,” Oren Langberg, Head of Marketing, Monkeyball, said in a statement.

In recent times, several such blockchain-based play-to-earn and move-to-earn games have piqued the interest of investors.

For example, earlier this month, the NFT game xenoptes Raised $8.3 million (approximately Rs 62 crore) in seed funding round. The game was introduced earlier this year, and it rewards players for the steps they take in real life.

Earlier in October, Vietnamese gaming studio Sky Mavis – which created the popular NFT game axi infinity Raised $152 million (approximately Rs 1,134 crore) from at least six crypto and blockchain investors in a Series B funding round.

according to a report good By research platform DappRadar, the play-to-earn movement has been one of the major forces behind the rapid growth of the NFT gaming space.

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