Toyota Eyes Cost Cuts, Scale With bZ4X — First of Its EV-Only bZ Series


Toyota on Friday revealed the driving range and other specifications of its bZ4X sport utility vehicle (SUV).

The world’s largest selling carmaker has said that it will launch 15 batteries EV worldwide (BEV) model by 2025, but so far its plans seem modest compared to US automakers such as General Motors And Payab.

Toyota did not announce a price range or sales target for the bZ4X, but said the joint development and purchase of core components with affiliated Subaru would help rein in the BEV’s generally high cost of production.

The model will also initially be built on a mixed line with gasoline-engined cars in both Japan and China. The company said that it will be sold in Japan, North America, China and Europe from mid-2022.

The car will be offered in front-wheel and four-wheel drive versions, with a driving range of around 500 kilometers (310 mi) for the latter. Toyota said an optional roof-mounted solar panel can be used to charge the battery in the absence of a charging station or in the event of a disaster.

A latecomer to the massive BEV market, Toyota has long touted the merits of hybrid vehicles, a category that has dominated for more than 20 years, for their low price and accessibility and, by extension, in CO2 emissions. Cuts play a big role.

As governments tighten zero-emissions rules, Toyota has said it will invest $13.5 billion (about Rs 1,01,170 crore) on EV batteries by 2030 and offer seven BZ series models by 2025.

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