Twitter Adds New Feature to Remove Followers Without Blocking Them on Web


Twitter is rolling out a new privacy-related feature that lets users remove followers without blocking them. The latest tool is designed to give users more control over their follower lists and is currently available on the web version. Twitter had been testing this option since September this year. Once a Twitter user deletes someone, the user’s tweets will no longer automatically appear in their timeline. The social media company says the change will not be reported to followers who have been deleted by a user using the new tool.

Twitter Announced the addition of this new feature on the platform via its support handle @TwitterSupport. The microblogging company posted that the latest update will allow users to be the curators of their own followers list. Twitter users can remove anyone from their list of followers on their profile page. For this, click on Followers, then click on the three-dot icon next to the follower’s name and finally click on Remove this follower option. Your Tweets will no longer automatically appear in their timeline. As mentioned, the follower you remove will not be notified of the change.

It’s important to note that blocking and deleting a follower on Twitter are completely different. After deleting a follower, they won’t be able to see your tweet on their feed, but the person will have the option to follow you again if they wish. Blocking someone completely cuts off their access to your profile.

Twitter has recently released several updates. The latest feature is part of a series of privacy tools the company has been working on since September this year. Twitter previously announced that it was working on a safety feature This will allow users on the platform to temporarily block accounts for a period of seven days for using harmful language or sending uninvited replies. Twitter recently launched to add more social privacy and reduce harassment on the platform testing a new device Which allows users to preview conversations before joining. The new ‘Hints’ feature will warn users before engaging in conversations that could get heated. It will appear at the bottom of some tweets on the platform so that users can take note of it before diving into the replies.

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