Uber Delivery Executives Win EUR 10,000 Each in Damages, Boss Jailed in Italy Ruling


On Friday, more than 40 Uber food delivery couriers won 10,000 euros (about Rs 8.69 lakh) in damages in Italy after their former boss was convicted and sentenced to prison.

The CGIL trade union said the Milan court’s decision marked the “first conviction” in Italy for crimes related to the exploitation of workers and outsourcing among workers. Uber Eats’ subcontractor.

Giuseppe Moltini, who ran a company that hired riders on behalf of the delivery service giant, was sentenced to three years and eight months.

Although they are unlikely to face prison, a prison sentence of less than four years in Italy usually does not lead to jail time and is not executed if they can still be appealed. goes.

The Milan judge also decided that most of the 500,000 euros (about Rs 4.34 crore) confiscated before Molteni should be handed over to 44 couriers, who stand to receive 10,000 euros each.

Another Euro 20,000 (approximately Rs 17.38 lakh) was given to CGIL, which was also a litigant in the case.

After the ruling Uber Italy’s business dealings, which caused it to be subject to provisional administration by Milan’s judges last year.

The measure was scrapped in March after the company improved its record.

Prosecutors had found that couriers, usually expatriates, were paid 3 EUR (about Rs 260) per delivery, regardless of how long their journey took, the weather conditions, what time they were working and that it was public. holiday or not. .

Prosecutors also said that the workers were “removed from tips that customers had left unintentionally”, and punished with “arbitrary suspension of pay due to alleged lack of work”.

Uber Eats manager Gloria Bresciani, who has been suspended, faces separate allegations of abuse and is due to appear before a Milan judge on Monday.

Uber is one of the leading players in the “gig economy,” which relies on hundreds of thousands of independent workers for app-based services like food delivery or car rides.

Uber has long argued that its business model provides flexibility and control to its employees, while critics say the company owes its fortunes to employees who are underpaid and overworked.

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