Upgrade Your Home This Diwali With Havells Innovative Products


The festive season is a perfect time to upgrade or buy new electrical appliances for your home. This season brings with it great prices, new products and an unmatched festive spirit which makes it even more ideal for making new purchases. If you are eyeing smart innovative electrical appliances for your home this year, Havells has a slew of interesting products for you.

Let’s take a look at some of these and find out what makes them special:

Stealth Puro Air Purifier
Due to the increasing amount of city pollution, air purifiers have become mainstream in the last few years. Air quality levels are generally low throughout the year, but they worsen especially during the festive season. Havells’ new Stealth Puro Air is an innovative air purifier that attaches to a ceiling fan. Sealh Puro Air is India’s first air purifier fan in India. It is a smart combination of two highly useful products in a single, innovative solution.

Stealth Puro Air offers a 3-stage purification processor with HEPA filter. It can clean PM 2.5, PM 10 and also provides VOC filtration. The air purifier remains silent during operation and comes with an IR based remote control so that you can access the controls easily. The fan itself comes with an aerodynamically designed blade made of composite ABS.

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Silencio 4 Mixer Grinder
Looking to replace your current mixer grinder? Havells’ new Silencio 4 mixer grinder comes with a powerful HVDC motor that delivers 25 percent more efficiency and 50 percent reduction in perceptible noise. It comes with a digital display and offers a touch-based control option. Silencio 4 comes with several preset modes, making them easy to use for specific use cases.

Buy Now: Rs. 22,995

smart lighting
With our phones and TVs getting smarter, how’s your home lighting? Havells Smart Lighting Solutions promises an extremely convenient way to control your home lighting. Light is so important in our lives because it affects our mood, creating a feeling of warmth. Havells’ smart lighting range is packed with useful features that will change the way you think about home lighting. Smart lights not only add to the convenience but also help you save electricity. It is safer to control when you have children and senior citizens in your home.

Havells’ smart lighting products offer Wi-Fi and remote operation, making them more accessible throughout the home. You can also control these lights using the Android or iOS mobile app. If you have an existing Google Home or Alexa-based smart speaker, you can simply use voice commands to control these lights. Havells offers LED Smart Lamps, LED Smart Downlighters and LED Smart Battens in its current Smart Lighting range.

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Are you planning to replace your old refrigerator, and looking for a modern solution? Havells brand, Lloyd’s, offers an amazing lineup of highly useful refrigerators in India. These refrigerators keep your food fresh for longer and come with many innovative features to make things easier for you while consuming less resources.

Lloyd’s refrigerators come with an inverter compressor that brings more powerful cooling while consuming less power. The backshield ensures that harmful bacteria do not grow inside the refrigerator. You can choose from side-by-side, frost-free, direct cool and chest-design freezers. Lloyd refrigerators can keep your food fresh and healthy for a long time.

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washing machine
Washing machines make your life easier, but only if you have the right ones. Lloyd’s washing machine range features 360-degree Turbo Jet technology, One Key Spin, Fuzzy Logic, and many more. All of these features will change the way you use your washing machine, helping you get through the more important things in life while the washing machine does all the cleaning magic in the background.

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