WhatsApp Spotted Testing Option to Manage Chats Backup Size, Community Feature for Group Conversations


According to a report, WhatsApp is seen working on a new section to allow users to manage their chat backup size and exclude specific content like documents and photos from their cloud backup. The change may initially be limited to Android devices and work with backups being stored on Google Drive. WhatsApp has also been seen separately working on a feature called Communities that can help provide a better group conversation experience. Both the new backup size management and community feature are yet to be offered for beta testing.

one in report goodhandjob WhatsApp Beta tracker WABetaInfo has said that the instant messaging app is working on a dedicated ‘Manage Backup Size’ section so that users can manage their backup size before uploading them to the cloud.

whatsapp for android Looks like there are some references about the update in beta A screenshot has also been shared by WABetaInfo suggesting how the new section will allow users to manage their backup size by excluding photos, audios or documents from their backups. However, beta testers are yet to see the change on their end as the change is said to be under development at the moment.

WhatsApp for Android is seen bringing a section for managing backup size
photo credit: WABetaInfo

in present, WhatsApp Doesn’t provide any backup size-related details to users from its app. However, users have the option to exclude videos from their cloud backup.

Although WhatsApp hasn’t yet provided any official details on allowing users to manage their backup size, the change is believed to help limit backup packages before uploading to the cloud. has been done. This could reportedly be due to the impending change google drive Storage for whatsapp backup.

Google Drive currently offers unlimited storage for WhatsApp backup, although it Unlimited space stopped For photos earlier this year. A similar step can be taken for WhatsApp backup in future as well.

whatsapp is also Implementing end-to-end encryption on cloud backup. Last week, it started beta testing Security-focused updates on both Android and iOS devices.

With the new backup section, WhatsApp is seen working on a community feature. XDA Developers met Some new code strings referring to the feature in WhatsApp for Android beta version Strings suggests that the Community feature works similarly to the existing Groups offering on the app.

One of the strings found in the beta app is that communities and groups can coexist on the messaging app.

WABetaInfo They say The Community feature will provide a way for users to organize their WhatsApp groups in a better way. However, it may not have the feature standalone Spaces for group conversations – unlike groups on WhatsApp and other community-driven features available on Facebook and Twitter.