ACT Fibernet Launches 1Gbps Broadband Plan in New Delhi, Adds New Entry-Level Offering to Expand User Base


ACT Fibernet on Tuesday launched its 1Gbps optical fiber powered broadband plan in New Delhi. Called ACT Giga, the new broadband plan is claimed to offer 1Gbps speed with ‘unlimited’ data allocation at a monthly rental of Rs. 1,999 It is marketed to provide customers with consistent download and upload speeds. Along with the much-anticipated 1Gbps offering, ACT Fibernet has introduced a new, entry-level broadband plan called ACT Welcome that brings speeds of 50Mbps. Both the new plans will go live for existing and new customers in New Delhi from Tuesday, November 30.

by 1Gbps broadband plan ACT Fibernet It is claimed to provide full download and upload speeds to customers using proprietary SmartFiber technology. The internet service provider said its technology creates virtual dedicated speed lanes to provide a continuous high-speed experience.

first launched In Hyderabad in 2017, the 1Gbps ACT Giga scheme was extended to Bengaluru and Chennai in 2018. The company claimed that it was the first broadband service provider in the country to offer 1Gbps internet speed. However, including service providers Airtelof Reliance Jio Fiber, and also offer Spectra 1Gbps plans. However, both Airtel and Jio offer the high-speed experience at a monthly rental of Rs. 3,999.

Customers can book the 1Gbps ACT Giga plan directly through the ACT Fibernet website or app. This would notably require an additional installation charge of Rs. 500 that users need to pay for the first time.

Saurabh Mukherjee, Chief Operating Officer, Atria Convergence Technologies, said in a prepared statement, “The introduction of our 1Gbps speed in Delhi will help Delhi citizens, especially high usage customers, enjoy a seamless internet experience.” “We also believe that this Giga plan will immensely help work from home professionals and small and medium offices to seamlessly support new age industries such as high data transfer, real-time cloud connectivity, graphics and animations, and more. trust to work.”

In addition to the 1Gbps plan, ACT Fibernet has come up with ACT Welcome, which is now its most affordable plan to attract new customers. The plan brings 50Mbps speed and ‘unlimited’ data allocation for Rs. 549 per month.

With the two new plans, ACT Fibernet will now have five broadband plans for its customers in New Delhi.

Although the service provider offers ‘unlimited’ data allocation with all its available plans in the region, it has a fair usage policy (FUP) under which the maximum data consumption is limited to 3300 GB per month. This means that the speed will decrease after the FUP limit.

ACT Fibernet Scheme in New Delhi

Plan Rental Speed FUP Post FUP
welcome to act Rupee. 549 50 Mbps Unlimited 512Kbps
ACT Silver Promo Rupee. 799 150 Mbps Unlimited 512Kbps
ACT Platinum Promo Rupee. 1049 250 Mbps Unlimited 1 Mbps
ACT Diamond Rupee. 1349 300 Mbps Unlimited 2Mbps
ACT Giga Rupee. 1999 1 Gbps Unlimited 5Mbps

Earlier this month, ACT Fibernet Upgrade your flagship broadband plans For users from Coimbatore and Hyderabad regions. The upgraded plans included better speed and data benefits.