Apple Global Battery Development Chief Soonho Ahn Moves to Volkswagen


Apple’s global battery development head, Soonho Ah, has moved to Volkswagen to lead the automaker’s development of electric vehicle batteries, according to his LinkedIn profile. This is the second time in recent months that an Apple executive has left for an automaker. Apple lost its head of the car project, Doug Field, to Ford Motor in September.

Ah became chief technology officer in the battery division of Volkswagen Group Components this month, According to His LinkedIn profile.

In 2018, Apple hired Ego, a former executive in the next-generation battery division of Samsung SDI. Apple uses batteries not only in its mobile phones and laptops, but also electric vehicles that are under development.

Industry sources told Reuters last year that Apple aims to launch an electric car with advanced battery technology by 2024.

Apple declined to comment while Ahn and Volkswagen There was no immediate comment.

Asked if Apple plans to develop the battery and screen for the chips internally, Apple CEO Tim Cook Said in October, “I don’t want to dismiss anything.”

“It’s more that we clear our way to something that is materially better,” he said during a conference call.

Apple’s talks with China’s CATL and BYD over the supply of batteries for its planned electric vehicle have stalled mostly because suppliers have refused to build US plants that would solely cater to the tech giant, according to discussions. Three people with knowledge told Reuters in September.

Volkswagen outlines an ambitious plan to build six battery factories across Europe with partners by the end of the decade, a key to its vision to outdo it. Tesla As the world leader in electric vehicles.

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