Apple’s Legacy Contact Feature: How to Set Up Legacy Contact on iOS 15.2


Apple will introduce the Legacy Contacts feature with iOS 15.2. This feature helps the loved ones of an iOS user to gain access to the user’s iPhone. Legacy Contacts will gain access to the user’s messages, photos, notes and other sensitive data. Given the gravity of the feature, it should be reserved for the most trusted contacts. In addition, the Legacy Contacts feature also gives Contacts the ability to remove Activation Lock from other devices. iOS 15.2 is currently available in beta mode and will be released to the public later this year.

The Legacy Contacts feature is a part of the upcoming iOS 15.2 Update. As mentioned, this feature lets the set contact reach the deceased iPhone user’s handset as well as gaining access to his personal data. Apple Mentions that the person set up as a legacy contact will be given a special access code, which they will need to provide along with a death certificate to Apple in order to unlock the device. Here’s how to add a legacy contact.

How to Add Legacy Contacts

Adding legacy contacts is fairly simple, but a paramount requirement for this feature to work is that both the user and legacy contact need to be running at least iOS 15.2.

  1. click on profile picture and open Apple ID Adjustment.

  2. to open Password & Security,

  3. Click Add Legacy Contacts,

  4. click again Add Legacy ContactsOnce the disclaimer screen pops up.

  5. If users have Family Sharing enabled, they can select a family member. Otherwise, they can choose to someone else from their contact list.

  6. After selecting the legacy contact, tap next,

  7. click on to continue On the screen that describes how the feature works.

  8. Users then have the option to choose how they want to share the access key. It can be shared through either iMessage Or a copy can be printed.

  9. Once a sharing method is selected, the selected contact is set as a legacy contact.

  10. Users can have multiple legacy contacts, so the process can be repeated for other legacy contacts.

Apple reviews all requests from legacy contacts before providing them with user data. In order to gain access to the user’s data, the legacy contact will need to know their date of birth, death certificate and access key. The access key is a massive multi-digit key and is a mix of letters and numbers as well as a QR code.

Users should ensure that their date of birth is set accurately in their device’s settings as it is used as authentication during the process of unlocking their iPhone.

The legacy contact will need to collect the deceased user’s access key as well as the death certificate. then they will need to go here digital legacy website to start the authentication process. The website will then require the legacy contact to login using their credentials and provide the required information to Apple. If, by any chance, the access key is lost, the deceased user’s family members can still gain access to their iPhone, but all data and logged in accounts will be deleted first. For this also the family will have to give a death certificate.

how to delete legacy contact

Apple also gives users the ability to delete a legacy contact, if they wish to do so.

  1. click on profile picture And open Apple ID Settings.

  2. to open Password & Security,

  3. Tap on the name of the person to be removed.

  4. On the disclaimer pop-up page, click once again remove contact,

Once these steps are followed, the legacy contact will be deleted and the access key generated will be null.

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