BGMI Announces Hotfix for Update 1.7, Players Can Now Claim Mirror World Lobby Theme


Battlegrounds Mobile India recently got the 1.7 update which brings League of Legends Mirror Island. However, several players reported that they were not able to claim the Mirror World lobby theme. Battlegrounds Mobile India developer Crafton has released a hotfix that lets users claim the lobby theme. Update 1.7 lets players experience League of Legends and Arcane 4 characters, receive exclusive Liverpool FC-branded equipment, and play in an India-specific event called The Recall. Additionally, the update was bundled with bug fixes and improvements.

through a blog Post, crafton announced on Tuesday that from November 23 at 5:30 am to December 22 at 5:29 am, Battleground Mobile India Players will be able to claim the ‘Mirror World Lobby Theme’. Temporarily available lobby themes can be claimed through the Recommended Event Center and can only be claimed if players have the app updated on their devices.

On November 19, Crafton announced Some special events that Battleground Mobile India players can participate in. One of the key events includes League of Legends and Arcane’s Mirror World mode which can be played on the Erangel, Livik and Sanhok maps. Once enabled, Mirror Island appears after players have played on the map for some time. Players will be able to enter Mirror Island through the Wind Wall portal on the ground. There are four characters that players will be able to play as Caitlyn, Joyce, Jinx and Vee.

In addition, Crafton has also announced a partnership with Liverpool FC, Players will be able to participate in the You Will Never Walk Alone event where they can win a Liverpool FC-branded parachute, backpack and jersey. Battlegrounds Mobile India is also hosting an India-specific event called The Recall where players win Recall Tokens that can be exchanged for rewards from the in-game store.

Players will also get to purchase in-game credits, the 5th month of Royale Pass for 360 UC. The latest Royale Pass is themed on the Mirror Realm. Other benefits of the Royale Pass include the Katrina Leader costume, Black Circus costume, Kar98 skin and MK47 skin. Additionally, the update also brought several bug fixes and improvements.