Binance Fixes Dogecoin Withdrawal Issue After Elon Musk’s Twitter Spat

Dogecoin users have not seen a face-off with Binance lately due to technical issues related to DOGE withdrawals on the exchange. DOGE withdrawals were halted on the exchange for a couple of weeks, leading to an altercation with “dogfather” Elon Musk on Twitter. Binance has now resumed DOGE withdrawals and has also put out a blog post detailing how Binance and Dogecoin core maintainers faced issues during the DOGE wallet upgrade. Binance also announced another upgrade to the v1.14.5 version of the Dogecoin wallet.

one in blog postBinance said that withdrawals are open again after a two-week pause due to a database issue following the network upgrade. “What started as a fairly straightforward upgrade turned into an issue where Binance users were unable to withdraw DOGE for the past 17 days,” Binance said in the post.

“This was an unexpected and unfortunate coincidence for Binance, the DOGE Network, and DOGE holders. If we had tried to do what the Dogecoin core maintainers and Binance had planned, we simply wouldn’t have been able to – not quite in shady circumstances that have anything to offer.” Were suggested,” Binance said.

The exchange took note of Dogecoin’s deposit and withdrawal operations and disclosed that during the update of the Mem Coin wallet to a newer version, 1,634 users had received old transactions, and that a series of contingencies caused the unexpected problem. caused. Binance was the only exchange that was affected by delayed withdrawals and old transactions, however, this is what was leaving users scratching their heads.

Earlier this month, Tesla CEO and one of Dogecoin’s biggest proponents, Elon Musk, tweeted about his concerns regarding withdrawal limits by Binance. According to the digital exchange, the issue of wallet upgrades was impossible and unfortunate. Binance assured its users that the company is working with all stakeholders to ensure safe and secure crypto transactions.

at the time of publication, dogecoin After Binance’s announcement, it was priced at $0.23 (approximately Rs.17.33), up by 9.81 percent in the last 24 hours.

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