Cryptocurrency Profits Encouraging Employees in US to Quit Low-Paying Jobs: Survey

A recent survey claims that cryptocurrency investors who play the right cards at the right time have made huge profits. It added that many people in the US who were working in low-paying jobs left their positions after making huge gains from crypto investments. The survey found that nearly two-thirds of those who quit their jobs had an annual income of less than $50,000 (roughly Rs. . Jobs.

Name the survey conducted by an analytics firm in the US citizen science, collected responses from 6,741 people between October 20 and October 27. About four percent of respondents quit their jobs knowing they had the financial cushion to come back because of their crypto gains.

The firm then cross-referenced the four percent count with information from another survey, which was answered by 1,201 respondents – based primarily on their annual income – who had subsequently quit their jobs. crypto the profit. It showed that two-thirds of those who quit because of ‘Mad Gains’ earned less than $50,000 (about Rs 37.2 lakh) annually. Of those 1,201 respondents, 27 per cent were in the income group below $25,000 (approximately Rs 18.6 lakh), while 37 per cent had an income between $25,000 (approximately Rs 18.6 lakh) to $50,000 (approximately Rs 37.2 lakh).

That said, it’s worth saying that the analytics firm here cross-referenced information from a completely different period of time and a diverse variety of respondents. It is also unclear what constitutes “monetary freedom” in this context as citizen science has provided no scale of context to understand what kind of crypto benefits respondents.

Pro-crypto billionaire and investor, mark cubano Tweeted a link to the investigation for further talks on a phenomenon referred to by economists as the “Great Resignation”. The phrase is used to describe an ongoing situation where there has been a mass exodus of salaried people to America in response to poor work. The pandemic, and poor wages, have resulted in a severe labor shortage in the country.

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