Eternals Movie Review: Marvel’s Immortal Ensemble Crushes an Oscar-Winning Director

Eternal – Now in theaters around the world – there’s plenty to show. After all, it’s the second longest Marvel Cinematic Universe film of all time, with a runtime (including credits) of 156 minutes, behind only the epic saga-finale Avengers: Endgame. NS Eternal The ensemble is made up of 10 immortal beings, led by Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Richard Madden and Kumail Nanjiani. Its story spans several millennia: from Mesopotamia in 5,000 BC to present-day London, and from the Spanish conquest of the 15th century to the Gupta Empire in 400 AD. There are heaps of lore and exposition scattered around, but that too is not enough. Eternal The three-paragraph opening begins with a crawl — it’s like Star Wars but sadder — that tells us how the Eternals, their main enemies, and their purpose on Earth came to be.

It’s too much – and despite being two and a half hours long, Eternal Buckle up under the weight of the demands placed on him. it’s like throwing Avengers: Age of Ultron Without knowledge of any of the previous MCU movies. To be fair, Marvel has worked on an ensemble project before: Guardians of the Galaxy. It had a Talking Tree and a Snark Machine as two of its five primary characters, except for James Gunn. Eternal It features ten human-looking characters we’re meeting for the first time. It’s an uphill battle for any writer-director, even one who won Oscar for his filmmaking. earlier this year, Eternal Director Chloe Zhao won Best Picture and Best Director for his work in the Frances McDormand-led drama Nomadland.

worryingly, Eternal Never really feels like a Chalo Zhao movie. Although that may be because we’ve never seen a Zhao movie on this scale. till the first Eternal, Zhao was renowned for delivering lyrical explorations of rural America, made with non-actors wherever possible. It made his work feel grounded, realistic, intimate and more like a documentary. Eternal But anything is. this is Miracle Superhero movie about immortal beings. They are not related, there are planet-sized giants in the movie, and it feels like a Marvel Studios production. Sure, Zhao is pursuing her love for shooting on location at the Golden Hour, Eternal It has epic scenery and is beautiful to look at, and has a tangible feeling to some of its settings. But this is all superficial.

Zhao fails to bring the heart and soul she is known for Eternal — instead, she delivers a huge and grandiose film with nothing to say, something that Marvel is often blamed for all too often.

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NS Eternal Opening the crawl we learn that the Titanic creatures were created by the Prime Celestial, Arisham. Think of Arisham as a great god who only works in planetary-level dialogue – it makes sense that the celestials themselves are shaped by the planets. Arisham sent our Eternals to save Earth from the gods, evil ugly looking beasts who are essentially apex predators. They were instructed not to interfere in any other humanitarian conflict. The Eternals came to our planet 7,000 years ago and have been living in secret ever since, having gone their separate ways due to a tragedy centuries ago, as the more explanatory description tells us.

Cersei (human to Gemma Chan) who can transmute any inanimate matter and is living as a Natural History Museum employee in London. We Have Icaris (Richard Madden, from game of Thrones) which is originally from Marvel Superman Given that he can fly and shoot rays out of his eyes. Kingo (Kumail Nanjiani, from silicon Valley), who can blast his hands, has been chosen as the biggest movie star of Bollywood in a strange disguise. Sprite (McHugh taken from The Lodge) can create life-like illusions and looks like a 12-year-old. Fastos (Brian Tyre Henry, from atlanta) is a technical wizard.

Makri (Lauren Ridloff from The Walking Dead) is basically Marvel’s The Flash because she has super speed. Druig (Barry Keoghan, from dunkirco) can take over the human mind extensively. Gilgamesh (Don Lee, Train to Busan) is the strongest in the Eternals, whose fist is capable of stopping almost anything. Thena (Angelina Jolie), who gives her name to the goddess of war, can summon weapons out of thin air. This leaves Ajak (Salma Hayek) who has healing powers. More importantly, Ajak leads the group as a “Prime Eternal” (he’s like a mother to the rest) and can talk to Arisham.

Eternal Its first half or so jumps back in time to show us the group’s journey on Earth – the big events they were part of that led to their split, and the team slowly getting back together in the present day as the old Divergence threat reappears. It might be worth watching, but it’s not remotely interesting. out of despair, Eternal never really takes us inside these immortal but fallible beings.

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Naturally, as with any movie that has so many characters, some of them Eternal The ensemble is more “main” than the others. Cersei and Icaris get the most screen time, which is in line with Chan and Madden’s top billing. But their “millennial love story” is so effortless, it happens in one scene and comes out of the blue. Jolie is wasted in a one-note role that saps her star power for all but one scene. And Hayek, who was worried that Marvel would offer her the role of a grandmother, is doing more or less the same with Eternal’s small role as a mother.

A major character takes a break from the big third-act fight – no one talks about their absence, even as they magically return to the conclusion. Madden’s Game of Thrones co-star Kit Harrington has a minor role in what’s essentially a backdoor pilot to his future MCU thrill

Even the likes of Fastos and Makri have essentially been relegated to the side-lines. it feels like an extra betrayal Eternal Billed as Marvel’s most diverse film to date. (Yes, I know this is much less frequent and it should have happened sooner.) Fastos and Makri are the MCU’s first gay and deaf superheroes, respectively, but their presence is minimal and fleeting. I was really surprised to see that India’s censor board didn’t cut gay kissing even though they have been guilty of it in the past. There’s even a brief PG-13-friendly sex scene, a first for Marvel.

Eternal Marvel’s villains also suffer from the problem. Ladies aren’t interesting at all – the fact that they can’t speak for the most part contributes to this. Heck, some of them don’t even get a name, despite coming up over and over again. No one appears in the film for three-fourths.

The only refreshing aspect is the comic relief provided by Kingo and his camera-toting valet Karun (Harish Patel from Gunda). Among the Eternals seems to be the only Kingo with a sense of humor – and Nanjiani and Patel bring the film to life. It’s frankly surprising how often Patel steals scenes in a star-studded film. It could also be because others, except Kingo, are stuck with the weight of the universe playing the role of gods.

thanks to the couple, Eternal Karun also breaks the fourth wall with the camera chasing Kingo everywhere, allowing some chuckles and over-the-top chatter to escape the dramatic tension. And it is through Qingo and Karun that Zhao gets the closest to any kind of sharp remark – I can’t say if this is intended, but in a few lines Eternal Deeply cut in Bollywood. It made me wonder who is responsible for such insight into the writing committee.

The humor also comes from characters referencing other MCU characters and events – Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) gets a nod — and even jumps in on his rival DC Comics, comparing some of the jokes. Eternal‘ Superman and the characters of of batman Butler Alfred Pennyworth.

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Kumail Nanjiani as Kingo, Gemma Chan as Cersei, Lia McHugh as Sprite Eternal
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EternalAction sequences are also nothing special. If you were hoping that Zhao’s long-standing love interest would result in long stunt shots, prepare to be disappointed. It really is cut and edited like any Marvel movie. Award-winning filmmaker Lucrecia Martel reveals she turned down Marvel Kali Mai When he offered to “take care” of the action sequences. I may be completely wrong here, but it seems that Zhao does not account for the large set. Yes, there are a few glimpses of the genre, using unique abilities and showcasing the supernatural nature of their superpowers in fun ways, but this is rare and forgettable.

the most promising Eternal The offer is how the team is internally divided on values ​​- they don’t see eye-to-eye on a lot of topics, which is why they have to go their separate ways. (also contributes Eternal‘ Big turning point, into which I will not get into.) This is most clearly expressed through the Druig, as they say that in the blink of an eye one can easily resolve all disputes of mankind. But then humans will not learn and grow, the counterargument goes. Being asked to stand up when you have godlike powers can be too heavy on one’s shoulders. Eternal Needs better detail along these lines – but don’t know how. In turn, this gives us only exposition, characters standing around and debating, and little forward momentum or narrative urgency.

Together Eternal, the gods of the MCU take center stage. Yes, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) has been around since the beginning, and we had the ego (Kurt Russell) — in a divine — pop up. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. But Marvel has never gone so far for the creation myth. Disney+ series bottle gourd briefly touched on the lack of free will in the MCU, and Eternal Pushes deep into it. Although with very mixed results. Eternal Believes that 10 has shaped human history. No problem. But by saying that the Eternals are responsible for the worst impulses and calculations of human beings, it is taking away the evil of which humans themselves are capable. Humans are our own worst enemy – we don’t need dice-playing gods to decide our behavior and our fate.

No matter who was appointed for the job, Eternal There was always going to be an ambitious film. Despite the long run, boasting nearly a dozen characters and an epoch-making saga, it looks over-ambitious. zhao accepted This: “This could be long! You know, it’s ten characters, celestials, and 7,000 years. There’s a lot going on.” strange way, Eternal It seems to have very little plotted for most of its 156 minutes, before being thrown into the deep end. This tilts the balance and sinks the ship. Zhao unfolds the story of Eternal on an epic and elaborate stage, though it ends up as a double-edged sword. We get a grand legend about the creation of the (Marvel) universe, as well as the backstory for its eponymously immortal beings. But we are not given the time to really understand them, care for them or engage with them.

Eternal is out Friday, November 5 in cinemas around the world. in India, Eternal Available in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada.