Fortnite Row: Epic CEO Tim Sweeney Blasts Apple, Google; Calls for Single App Store

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney renewed his attack on Apple and Alphabet’s Google as the world’s leading mobile monopoly before calling for a universal app store that works across all operating systems as a solution. .

“The world really needs a single store now that works with all platforms,” sweeney Said in an interview in Seoul on Tuesday. “Right now the software is fragmented between proprietary iOS app Store, Android Google Play Marketplace, Various Stores Open xbox, Play Station, And Nintendo Switch, and then Microsoft Store and Mac app Store, Epic is working with developers and service providers to create a system that will allow users to “buy software in one place, knowing they’ll have it on all devices and on all platforms.”

Earlier in the day, Sweeney left no doubt about his rejection of the status quo of smartphone software in remarks at the Global Conference for Mobile Application Ecosystem Fairness in South Korea, the world’s first law to give users the option of payment handlers. Mobile platform is required for this. , His company’s battle royale game fortnite has been the subject of a bitter legal dispute with Apple And Google On the revenue segmentation of sales on its platform.

“Apple locks a billion users into one store and payment processor,” he said. “Now Apple complies with repressive foreign laws, which survey users and deny them political rights. But Apple is ignoring laws passed by Korea’s democracy. Apple should shut down.”

Google also drew a strong rebuke from Sweeney, who criticized its approach to charging fees on payments it doesn’t process as “crazy.” Praising Korea for leading the fight against monopolistic practices and including anti-retaliation provisions to protect developers in its legislation, the Epic Games founder said, “I would love to stand with you against these monopolies. Proud. I am proud to stand by you and say that I am a Korean.”

Google spokesman Dan Jackson said in an emailed response that the “Google Play Store service fee” has never been just for payment processing. “This is how we provide Android and Google Play Invest in a range of distribution, development and security services for free and supporting developers and consumers in South Korea and around the world.”

Apple did not respond to a request for comment.

epic has stopped This forced issue in legal battles with Apple and Google for more than a year over how they handle payments by releasing a version of Fortnite that includes its own system for purchasing in-game items. The game was removed from both the App Store and Play Store for violating their rules, prompting Sweeney’s company to sue the two operators. Legal filings from Epic this week allege that Google set up an internal task force to tackle the issue of Fortnite, bypassing the company’s App Store and fees.

Apple and Google have consistently said that the fee they charge on purchases through their mobile marketplaces helps protect a global audience for users and developers. Sweeney sees his exclusionary practices as a curse to the founding principles of the web, arguing that his “policies are so restrictive that if the worldwide web were embedded after smartphones, Apple and Google would have banned all web applications”. browsers from being released on their platforms.”

Epic Games operates its own Epic Games Store for PC gamers, which also charges a platform fee, albeit less, and Sweeney does not dispute Google and Apple’s right to profit from their work.

“There is a store market, there is a payments market, and there are many other related markets,” he said. “And it is important that antitrust enforcement does not allow a monopoly in one market to use its control of that market to exert control over unrelated markets.”

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