How to Limit Ad Tracking From Apps and Services on iPhone: Steps to Follow

Ad tracking helps businesses increase their understanding of your behavior, including your ability to purchase new items and how you access a particular app or service. Once you are successfully tracked, marketers provide you with personalized and targeted advertising to attract you to their offers. Apple has attempted to address this spying nature of companies around the world by offering a list of privacy-focused features. You can use them to prevent apps and services from tracking — to some extent — ads on your iPhone.

for the past few months, Apple but has been very proactive in limiting ad tracking iPhone, Cupertino Company App Tracking Transparency (ATT) announced Last year to take it a step further to strengthen user privacy and limit companies from tracking your activity. Speciality roll over with the release of iOS 14.5 end of April. This also Added “Nutrition Label” for app listing on app Store To inform users what data an app will access upon installation. In addition, Apple has enabled Safari Browser to limit tracking via cookies.

Here, we are detailing the steps you can follow to limit ad tracking from apps and services on iPhone.

How to Limit Ad Tracking on iPhone

Before starting with the steps, it’s worth noting that by using ad tracking, developers allow companies to measure your actions and collect details like your user or device ID, device’s current advertising identifier, name, email address and other information. that help to understand. Your identity The built-in features are available on newer iOS versions (iOS 14.5 and later), although you may not find them if your iPhone has a dated iOS release. You can also skip to the next section to see how to limit ad tracking by web-based services.

  1. go for Adjustment , privacy , To keep an eye,

  2. Toggle the option ‘Allow applications to make requests’. This will help limit ad tracking from all the new apps you download to your iPhone.

  3. Now, you can limit tracking on existing apps by scrolling down and closing each app to track you.

In addition to the above steps, you can also tap tell the app not to be tracked On prompt to stop them from tracking your activity and data.

How to Limit Ad Tracking from Safari on iPhone

You can follow the steps below to limit tracking from various web-based services and websites that you visit using Safari on your iPhone.

  1. to open Adjustment , Safari,
  2. Scroll down a bit and toggle off ‘Block All Cookies’.
  3. Now, turn on ‘Prevent cross-site tracking’ to limit advertisers and other third parties from tracking you from site to site.

Although all of these steps are helpful in limiting ad tracking on the iPhone, advertisers and companies that need your personal data often find new ways to track you and maintain your profile for their profit purposes. . You can go ahead and avoid this by turning off background app refresh and closing all installed apps Adjustment , Mango And then toggling off ‘Background App Refresh’.

Apple to you. Allows you to turn off personalized ad delivery on your platform by visiting Adjustment , privacy , apple ad and turning off the ‘Personalized Ads’ option.

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