How to Use Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Without a Phone

Modern smartwatches like the Galaxy Watch can also be used without a smartphone, and we’ll show you how to enable this feature. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic smartwatches were unveiled globally in August and they hit India a little later in the same month. The latest Galaxy Watch smartwatches only come in Bluetooth and LTE options. While the LTE version is able to function as a standalone version, thanks to data connectivity, only the Bluetooth model requires the Galaxy Wearable app to be connected. However, there is a way you can use the Galaxy Watch without connecting it to a mobile phone.

how to use samsung galaxy watch 4 without phone

Samsung Galaxy Watch users can use the smartwatch for outdoor activities such as mountain climbing or exercising without being connected to a mobile phone. The Galaxy Watch can be used without a mobile device when you first turn it on or you reset it. It’s important to note that some features may not be available when you use your Galaxy Watch without connecting to a mobile device.

  1. Power on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 / Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

  2. tap , Tap on the icon at the bottom of the screen and select ‘Here,

  3. A notice will appear, read it carefully and click on ‘.to continue,

  4. Read the Terms and Conditions and tap on ‘.next‘ to agree with them

  5. Login with your Samsung account (or choose leave,

  6. Set a time zone based on your region

  7. Samsung will also ask you to set a PIN to restore or back up data

  8. On the Apps screen, tap Settings > Connect to phone > Click on tick mark icon And when using the Galaxy Watch without a mobile device, enter the PIN to connect the Galaxy Watch to the mobile device.