Instagram Shutting Down Threads App Next Month; Testing the Ability to Add Music to Feed Posts

Instagram is shutting down its Snapchat-like messaging app Threads which was launched in 2019. As a result of the update, users will start seeing a prompt to return to the original Instagram app. Instagram has separately begun allowing select users to add music to their Feed posts – just like it’s already possible with Reels and Stories. India is among the first countries to test the new facility – along with Brazil and Turkey.

As Confirmed For TechCrunch, instagram Won’t support threads until the end of December. Users will also start seeing in-app notices about its departure from November 23.

threads had to be closed brought to the first notice Reverse Engineer by Alessandro Paluzzi. He also posted a screenshot showing the notice that Instagram has yet to start showing to its users.

threads were launched for both Android And iOS The device as Instagram’s standalone image-centric messaging app in October 2019. Some similarities were found in the app Snapchat Because it allows users to share their photos and videos in a visual form with their close friends. This, however, surpassed close friends Last year and was updated to allow users to message anyone on Instagram.

While the exact reason for closing the threads is yet to be revealed, a Meta spokesperson told Gadgets 360 that the photo-sharing platform will now focus its efforts on increasing how users engage with their close friends on Instagram.

“We know that people care about connecting with their close friends, and we’ve seen this especially with the growth of messaging on Instagram over the past few years,” the spokesperson said. “We are bringing the fun and unique features from Thread to the main Instagram app, and continue to create ways that people can better connect with their close friends on Instagram. It will be easier to get the features and capabilities in the main app.”

In addition to closing threads, Meta-owned Instagram has begun testing the ability for users to add music to their Feed posts. This will allow people to display a song or music track along with their photos and videos shared on the feed.

Once a user taps on the song, they will be taken to an audio page from where they will see all the feed posts using the same song.

Instagram said in a press note that the feature is being tested with a small percentage of Instagram’s global community and is initially live for some users in India, Brazil and Turkey. The company said that it will be expanded based on learning and feedback from the community.

Instagram is testing the ability to let users add music to their Feed posts
photo credit: instagram

If the new music-focused feature is live for your account, you’ll be able to add a song to your Feed photo by tapping add music After start uploading your photo on Instagram. The app will show you a search field to look for specific songs or browse for music in the ‘Trending’ or ‘For You’ section of the prompt.

Once the song you want to add appears on the screen, you can select it for your photo. You’ll also be able to select the clip duration – like stories – and choose the length of time you want to include for the song.