Microsoft Edge to Get Leaked Password Tool, Battery-Saving Efficiency Mode, and Price Tracking Improvements

Microsoft Edge is getting three features that will improve their browsing experience while protecting their information while browsing the web. The first feature will attempt to automate the process of replacing the leaked password; The second feature is an Efficiency Mode that will help users save power while they run out of battery. The third feature announced by Microsoft is an improved price tracker that will alert users to online discounts as part of improvements to the browser’s shopping convenience.

company Explained In the Windows Experience blog post that it was updating two microsoft edge Features, Password Health Dashboard and Password Monitor, with the ability to quickly update compromised passwords. The new “Easy Update” feature will allow users to change their password on a site where their passwords have been leaked, with a single click inside the password settings. user can click three-dot menu , Adjustment , Passwords On Microsoft Edge, click Change next to the affected password. Clicking this button on supported websites will take the user to the relevant password change screen where Edge can suggest a new password and save it to the user’s account.

second attribute declared by Microsoft There is a price tracking feature that will be built into Edge, and will keep track of the products users see as they browse the web. The price-tracking feature will then monitor these product listings for price changes and send alerts when discounts are detected. Edge already supports the ability to check discounts and coupons on webpages, including Microsoft’s own store, on both Android and desktop browsers, and the tracking feature has been introduced just in time for the holiday season, according to the company. . Microsoft hasn’t specified whether the feature will be turned on by default, but users may be able to disable the feature if they don’t want to be tracked while they browse the web.

Microsoft Edge can be a resource-intensive browser, especially when working with multiple tabs on a laptop that isn’t plugged in. The company has now introduced a new Efficiency Mode on Edge, which will reduce system resource usage such as CPU and RAM, saving precious battery life. Users will definitely notice a performance hit due to low resource usage when using the new Efficiency Mode, but this feature can come in handy when using the laptop from a charger. Microsoft says the feature will be turned on when the device’s battery is low, but users who don’t want the feature can turn it off by clicking three-dot menu , Adjustment , system and performance And according to the company, turning on the Turn on Efficiency Mode option on Microsoft Edge.

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