Pixel 6 Users Report Compatibility Issues With DJI Drone Cameras, Company Advises Reinstalling Apps

It seems that Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro users are facing issues with DJI cameras and drones. According to a report, some Pixel users are unable to view the live video feed on the current versions of the DJI Fly and Mimo apps. Complaints are pouring in on social media and the DJI Support Forum. The company has advised people to use compatible mobile devices. He also says that the Pixel 6 is undergoing compatibility testing and that users should reinstall the apps for use with drone cameras.

First informed of By Android Police, the problem has been reported to be a bug or incompatibility issue. according to complaints DJI Forum, spotty By XDADevelopers, the app “connect fine” on Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones, however, there is no picture/live feed from the camera.

On the DJI forum, a ‘super moderator’ advised those who are experiencing the issue to “try using a different recommended mobile device” to see if the problem persists. The moderator also states that google pixel 6 pro “Not recommended” for the said DJI application (Fly app 1.4.12). a user on twitter deployment of Problem getting a blank screen.

First official support account of DJI on Twitter said He Pixel 6 Compatibility testing is still going on. there is also Asked Affected users should “reinstall the DJI Fly app from the official website and try again”.

There is apparently no information about the nature of the bug that causes this problem. The folks at XDADevelopers suggest that since the problem is largely with Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users, there could be a conflict between DJI’s live video encoding and the custom CPU and GPU architecture of the Google Tensor SoC.