PUBG: New State Getting New Update With Enhanced Anti-Cheating Mechanism, Crosses 40 Million Downloads


PUBG: New Kingdom is getting a new update next week that will bring a function to ban fraud and third-party programs to take advantage of the game in real time, Crafton revealed on Friday. The update will also improve the user experience by fixing problems with the gyroscope and in-game sound system. In addition to the update, Crafton announced that PUBG: New Kingdom has crossed the 40 million download mark. It is celebrating the success of the Battle Royale game by hosting a virtual party and rewarding gamers including Chicken Medals and BP Random Boxes.

in an officer Announcement, crafton latest said pubg: new state The update will bring functions to weed out players using third-party programs that help them take advantage of the game and gain an unfair advantage over others. The new anti-cheat mechanism will also enhance the restrictions, suspensions and restrictions being placed on unauthorized third-party programs.

The update will also fix issues with gyroscope sensitivity and add inverted controls for gyroscopes. Similarly, it will fix bugs related to virtual control and squad killing. There would also be a fix for a problem where the footprints were not consistent in some situations, notes the game publisher.

PUBG: New State will also get Full Sprint Character Motion for a better character experience. In addition, the update will include fixes for issues where characters bounce back to their original position when they walk or run on stairs or the side of buildings, scope sights displayed abnormally, and a gray ball suddenly appearing in the lobby. appears in. It will also fix graphics when accessing the game via deep link iOS, There will also be other known bug fixes.

Exact details about when the update will reach users are yet to be revealed, though Crafton said the game will need to undergo maintenance next week to get the changes.

With Updates, PUBG: Is In New State Crossed the milestone of 40 million downloads Whole world. Gamers have been offered a seven-day virtual event on the game to celebrate the success. It will run till December 6 and will bring prizes including three chicken medals on the first, fourth and seventh days. Sports players will also get BP random boxes on the third and fifth day of the event. On the second and sixth day of the event there will be Troi 150 percent BP card and Erangel 150 percent BP card respectively.

Gamers can access the rewards awarded during the event by logging into PUBG: New State. It is also important to mention that the rewards will be for a limited time and will not be available for the Virtual After Party.

pubg: new state was released As of the latest mobile game from the house of PUBG Studios earlier this month. it hit 10 million downloads on Google Play Less than a week after launch.