Rare Seiko WristMac, the First ‘True’ Apple Watch From 1988, Up for Auction


The Apple Watch was unveiled in September 2014 after years of rumours. It was the company’s first in-house smartwatch. However, many may consider the WristMac made by Seiko 26 years ago as the first true Apple Watch. The WristMac was considered far ahead of its time and was even worn by astronauts on the space shuttle Atlantis. Now, a rare model of the watch is up for auction. Back in 1988, the wearable was sold as an early Macintosh accessory. It is being auctioned by ComicConnect, which specializes in typically selling rare comics.

The box in which the WristMac is available includes a registration card that was never filled out, as well as a tutorial and reference manual, a floppy disk containing the watch’s official software, and the Seiko WristMac watch with its original cable.

NS ComicConnect website The watch has pictures and calls it an “extremely rare 1988 Seiko/Ex Machina WristMac”. It adds that the watch was “one of the first pieces of wearable computing technology.” At the time of writing, the wearable had 27 bids with $800 (approximately Rs 59,570) as the highest call ever.

The website also states that the WristMac watch has never been sold in the nearly three decades since its first release. The original sticker with serial number 70216 can be found in the box.

The WristMac, a programmable watch attached to Macintosh computers, was released in 1988 by Ex Machina and Seiko. The WristMac can record phone numbers, set one-time and recurring daily and weekly alarms, and take notes that can be saved to disk as a text file.

Seiko was one of the first companies to use dot-matrix LCD screens on their digital timepieces, which allowed them to display full alphanumeric characters. In addition to desktop computer connectivity, many Seiko models were also compatible with small portable keyboards that allowed data entry on the go, one states. report good by Gizmodo.

ComicConnect also reports that on August 28, 1991, astronauts aboard the Atlantis spacecraft wore a WristMac to coordinate with the Macintosh Portable and Apple Link software aboard the shuttle when sending the first email from space.

The bidding will end on December 19, 2021.

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