Roblox Back Online After Facing Outage Over Weekend Due to Bug in Backend, Company Confirms

Popular gaming platform Roblox suffered a prolonged outage that began on Friday and lasted through the weekend – frustrating for millions of kids and parents trying to keep them busy and deal with their suffering . On November 1, Roblox announced via Twitter that the service was back online.

roblox tweeted Early Monday morning that it’s back online now.

Here’s what CEO David Baszuki had to say on the outage: block full text:

As most of the Roblox community knows, we recently experienced an extended outage on our platform. We apologize for the time it took to restore service. An important value in Roblox is “respect the community”, and we apologize for the inconvenience caused to our community in this matter.

On Thursday afternoon, October 28, users began having trouble connecting to our platform. It immediately became our top priority. Teams started working round the clock to identify the source of the problem and get things back to normal.

This was a particularly difficult outage because it involved a combination of several factors. A core system in our infrastructure became overwhelmed during a heavy load triggered by a subtle bug in our backend service communication. This was not due to a peak in outside traffic or a particular experience. Rather the failure was caused by an increase in the number of servers in our data centers. The result was that most of Roblox’s services were unable to communicate and deploy effectively.

Due to the difficulty of diagnosing the actual bug, it took longer for any of us to fix. Upon successfully identifying this root cause, we were able to resolve the issue through performance tuning, reconfiguration, and scaling back some of the load. We were able to fully restore service by this afternoon.

Once we complete our analysis, we will publish a post-mortem with more details, as well as the steps we will take to avoid such issues in the future. In addition, we will implement a policy to make our manufacturing community financially complete as a result of this outage. More details about this are yet to come. As part of our “respect the community” value, we will continue to be transparent in our post-mortems.

As far as we know, there has been no loss of player persistence data, and your Roblox experience should now be completely normal. If you experience any hiccups in using Roblox now or in the future, you can always contact our support team.

We are grateful for the patience and support of our players, developers and partners during this time.

“The scariest part of Halloween this year is roblox Getting down,’ lamented Twitter user @NikilisRBX.

In a statement on Saturday, Roblox said: “We believe we have identified the underlying internal cause of the outage with evidence of external intrusion. We are in the process of carrying out the necessary engineering and maintenance work to get the Roblox back up and running. At the earliest.

Roblox said Friday that the outage was “not related to any specific experience or partnership on the platform.” This was apparently to quell rumors that the problem was caused by a free burrito giveaway at a digital Chipotle on the Roblox platform.

For its part, Chipotle tweeted: “Miss you Roblox.”

On the Roblox platform, players can create their own games and play with other users. It became wildly popular after coronavirus The pandemic closed schools and kept children indoors looking for something to do.

According to numbers compiled by social media consulting firm Backlinko, Roblox has over 43 million active users a day (up from 14 million in 2016), 40 million games, and 9.5 million developers. According to Backlinko, the most popular game on Roblox is “Adopt Me!” – which allows users to raise digital pets.