The Wheel of Time Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Review, and More

The Wheel of Time – based on the epic fantasy book series by Robert Jordan – will premiere this week on Amazon Prime Video. There was a space occupied by Game of Thrones that needed to be filled in 2019 after HBO aired its final episode of its epic fantasy series. And The Wheel of Time is just one of many series trying to capture this space. The Wheel of Time is an Amazon original series that’s trying to make an epic, high fantasy impact — and be the next Game of Thrones. Amazon is making several bets on its own in this genre, including a five-season commitment to the Lord of the Rings prequel series coming out in late 2022.

Developed by Rafe Judkins (Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD), wheel of time Follows the story of Moiren Damodred (rosamond pike) who is a member of Ace Sedai, a powerful organization of women who can use magic. And there’s a lot of material to adapt to them. Jordan wrote and published 11 books in The Wheel of Time series between 1990 and 2005. He died in 2007 while working on the final book. Thanks to Jordan’s extensive notes, writer Brandon Sanderson stepped in to finish his work, and turned it into three novels after realizing it was too big to fit into one. As of 2017, The Wheel of Time had sold over 80 million copies worldwide.

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Principal photography for the first season of the TV series began in September 2019. Filming of the series was taking place in Prague, but was put on hold in March 2020 due to ongoing work. COVID-19 global pandemic. Filming of The Wheel of Time resumed later this year in April and ended a month later.

With that, let’s dive into the details of The Wheel of Time.

The Wheel of Time release date

The Wheel of Time premieres Friday, November 19 heroine Prime Video. The first season of the high fantasy series consists of eight episodes – the first three episodes will be released on the premiere date. The remaining five episodes of the series will air on a weekly basis until Christmas Eve, December 24.

Chain was updated for its second season in May this year, long before Season 1 premieres. the wheel of time Allegedly Has also been renewed for a third season, though you should take that news with a pinch of salt until we have confirmation from more credible sources.

The Wheel of Time Dali

rosmond pike stars As Moiraine Damodred, a member of the Aes Sedai, a powerful organization of women who can use magic. The Golden Globe Award and Primetime Emmy Award winning actress has starred in critically acclaimed films including Gone Girl and I Care a Lot.

Dutch actor Josha Stradowski starred as Rand Al’Thor, a dragon reincarnated protagonist of the series. Daniel Heaney plays Lan Mondragoran, the king and sole survivor of the royal lineage of the fallen kingdom of Malkire.

Australian actress Madeleine Madden plays Egwen Al’Vere, Emerlin Seat – the leader of Ace Sedai in the White Tower in Tar Vallon.

Marcus Rutherford plays Perrin Aybara, a strong tavern – a wolf brother. Zoe Robbins stars as Nyanev Al’Meera, an S. Sedai of Pale Ajah and who is the queen of Malkire by virtue of her marriage to Lan Mandragoran. Barney Harris plays Matt Cawthon, a powerful tavernist.

The Wheel of Time writer, director, producer

An adaptation of The Wheel of Time was announced in April 2017 to be produced by sony pictures Television in association with Red Eagle Entertainment and Radar Pictures. Rafe Judkins developed the series and executive produced The Wheel of Time with Rick Selvage, Larry Mondragon, Ted Field, Mike Weber, Lauren Selig and Darren Lemke.

By October 2018, Amazon Studios had agreed to produce it. German cinematographer Uta Breiswitz was confirmed as director of the first two episodes in February 2019. Other episodes have been directed by Wayne Che Yip, Sally Richardson-Whitfield and Ciaran Donnelly.

The music for the series was composed by Lorne Balfe, a Scottish musician who has composed music for films such as Mission: Impossible – Fallout and for video games including Assassin’s Creed: Revelation, Assassin’s Creed III, Call of Duty, and TV series like The Taj and Pratibha.

wheel of time summary

The lives of five young villagers are forever changed when a strange and powerful woman arrives, claiming that one of them is the child of an ancient prophecy, with the power to strike an everlasting balance between light and darkness. They must choose whether to trust this stranger – and each other – with the fate of the world before the Dark One breaks out of his prison, and before the final battle begins.

The Wheel Of Time Trailer

NS first teaser trailer The Wheel of Time arrived on Amazon Prime Video’s YouTube channel in September. NS second trailer, which the Amazon Prime Video channel called the ‘official trailer’ came out in late October.

wheel of time review

first review for prime video The series is expected later on Wednesday, as Amazon reportedly banned The Wheel of Time reviews on November 17th. Critics have access to six of the eight episodes for weeks.

the wheel of time season 2

As I said earlier, The Wheel of Time was renewed for its second season in May this year ahead of the Season 1 premiere. Filming for Season 2 of the series began in July 2021. As per earlier reports, Season 3 is expected to be filmed back-to-back with Season 2.

wheel of time poster

Here’s the official poster for the high fantasy series The Wheel of Time from Amazon:

wheel of time
see here prime video
  • release date 19 November 2021
  • Style Fantasy, Science Fiction, Drama, Action, Adventure
  • mold

    Rosamund Pike, Josha Stradowski, Marcus Rutherford, Zoe Robbins, Barney Harris, Madeleine Madden, Daniel Heaney, Michael McElhatton, lvaro Morte, Hamed Anim, Alexandre Willoum, Johann Myers, Jennifer Cheon Garcia, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Daryl McCormack, Narinder McCormack, Priyanka Bose, Emmanuel Imani, Taylor Napier, Kate Fleetwood, Christopher Sciureff, Juliette Howland, Mandi Symonds, Lolita Chakraborty, Michael Tuahine, David Stern, Abdul Salis, Stuart Graham, KA Alexander, Sophie Okonedo, Claire Perkins, Peter Franzen, p. Jennifer Kay Preston, Darren Clark

  • director Utah Breisewitz, Wayne Yip, Sallie Richardson Whitfield, Ciaran Donnelly
  • music Lorne Balfe
  • the creator Rafe Judkins, Rick Selvage, Larry Mondragon, Ted Field, Mike Weber, Darren Lemke
  • Production Sony Pictures Television, Radar Pictures, Amazon Studios, IWOT Productions, Little Island Productions