Tweaked Feature Enables Ethereum Tips Alongside Bitcoin on Twitter a Day After Jack Dorsey Resigns

A day after Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey resigned, renowned tech blogger Jen Machun Wong figured out a way to add Ethereum to Twitter’s Tip Jar feature, which is now underway. The development is interesting as Dorsey, who has been a major bitcoin supporter, has refused to invest in Ethereum on several occasions.

Sharing a screenshot of the tweaked feature, Wong said that it seems to have done its “magic” to enable tipping. EthereumThe world’s second most valuable cryptocurrency Bitcoin,

He added a wallet address for people to suggest.

Wong’s advanced technical prowess enthused crypto enthusiasts, with some saying that Dorsey’s departure could be the beginning of a pro-Ethereum approach at the company.

While the tweak feature is not expected to be visible or available to everyone right now, advanced engineers can follow in Wong’s footsteps to add Ethereum tips. tip jar characteristic in itself.

For now, Twitter is looking into the matter and will respond later, a report good Said by decrypt.

Twitter is taking steps to promote crypto adoption through its platform that is used by millions of people around the world.

Recently, it announced the addition of a new tab to let people showcase their non-fungible token (NFT) holdings on the Platform.

Fifteen years after Twitter was founded, Dorsey said goodbye to his CEO chair on November 29.

According to new York Times, former Twitter chief aims to focus on cryptocurrency and philanthropy in the days to come.

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