Twitter Blue Now Available in US, New Zealand; Will Allow Users to Undo Tweets, Read Ad-Free News

Twitter Blue is now rolling out to users in the United States and New Zealand, the company announced on Tuesday. The subscription service offered by the microblogging platform has several features such as the ability to undo tweets and read certain news articles without ads, among others. With Twitter Blue subscriptions, the social media giant is looking to diversify its revenue sources.

Twitter Blue, which will cost $2.99 ​​(about Rs 222) per month in the US, will now include the ability to read certain news articles without ads, upload longer videos, and customize the navigation bar. Twitter Application.

One of the most useful features of Twitter Blue is the ability to undo tweets. With this, subscribers will have 60 seconds to preview and edit a Tweet before making it public. While Twitter still hasn’t introduced a much-anticipated “Edit Tweets” feature, the ability to undo tweets before posting can help users avoid unwanted typos or other errors in their posts, as is well-known. Science-writer John Scalzi reported.

The San Francisco-based company, which makes most of its money selling ads, is eyeing more consistent sources of revenue by selling access to certain features to heavy Twitter users who visit the site for news and current events.

Twitter Blue subscribers can read articles from publications like The Washington Post, USA Today and Reuters without ads. Twitter said a portion of a user’s Twitter Blue subscription would go to news organizations.

Subscribers can pin important conversations to the top of the messaging inbox and change the color theme of their Twitter app. Users can also post longer videos (up to 10 minutes) on the web.

Subscribing to Twitter Blue is simple and easy too. All a user has to do is click on Twitter Blue from the main menu and tap on Subscribe.

Twitter started rolling out the subscription service in June. launch it first in Canada and Australia. The company declined to say how many customers it has.

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