Twitter Rolls Out Tipping Feature on Android, Stops Opening Links in AMP on Mobile


Twitter is rolling out its own tipping feature that allows users to send money to their favorite content creators on Android devices. The microblogging platform introduced Tip Jar functionality to the iOS platform earlier this year to let creators, journalists and nonprofits monetize their tweets in the form of suggestions. Users can share links to their Bandcamp, Cash App, Patreon, PayPal and Venmo accounts to receive tips from their followers using this feature. In a separate development, Twitter is reportedly rolling back support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) on both iOS and Android.

Twitter on November 19 announced The tipping feature on Android has been rolled out through a tweet. user can add Tips icon for their profile from edit Profile Button. However, currently, a limited group of creators, journalists, and nonprofits can obtain them. Twitter introduced Tip Jar Feature In May this year, then in September, it rolled out it to all iOS users above 18 years of age. The social-networking platform is said to be working on the ability for users to receive tips. bitcoin via tip jar feature,

Separately, Twitter has updated its AMP Guidelines page on its developer website to show that it is stopping support for AMP. NS support page, First spotty Twitter is in the process of discontinuing support for the feature and will be phased out by the fourth quarter of 2021, as revealed by SEO consultant Christian Oliveira (@christian_wilde). Previously, when a mobile user clicked on a link to the site, Twitter would redirect them to the AMP version of that page if an AMP version was available. With this feature turned off, navigation will not take place and users may have to load the mobile or native version of the website.

Memorization, Google introduced AMP back in 2016 To rapidly provide relevant content to the users of its Search product on mobile. AMP displays a lighter version of the website so that it can load faster.