WWE Partners With Blockchain Creative Labs to Announce NFT Marketplace Due to Launch Soon

WWE has struck a multi-year deal with Blockchain Creative Labs – the non-fungible token (NFT) business and studio of Fox Entertainment and Bento Box Entertainment – ​​to launch the NFT marketplace for WWE licensed digital tokens and collectibles. The partnership will allow WWE to create an NFT that celebrates its most iconic moments, past and current WWE Superstars, and its flagship events such as WrestleMania and SummerSlam. Specifications like the name of the market and its launch date are yet to be confirmed, but will be made public in the coming weeks.

The marketplace will be powered by Eluvio’s blockchain technology and will serve as a hub for consumers to buy, trade, sell and store digital tokens and will be interoperable across the country. Ethereum and other blockchains. to participate in WWE NFT market, fans will need to make a safe WWE Digital wallet through Eluvio that acts as a vault and enables consumers to purchase collectibles using traditional currency or cryptocurrency properties.

Scott Greenberg, CEO of Blockchain Creative Labs and Co-Founder/CEO of Bento, said, “We know that WWE’s passionate fan community would love to own authentic digital goods across the organization’s creative universe – from stars past and present to classics. , until the culture-defining moments.” box entertainment in a Announcement.

“Our NFT studio is all about enabling fans to own NFTs and tokens, taking utility and social clout directly from the creators and brands they are passionate about, from animation, games, shows and movies. ranging from music, books, art, pop culture and everything else you can possibly imagine,” he said.

Meanwhile, WWE Senior Vice President, Revenue Strategy & Development, Scott Zanghelini claims that the new-found partnership allows both companies to explore new and creative ways for WWE’s passionate fanbase.

In addition to the WWE NFT marketplace, Blockchain Creative Labs recently launched “The Masquerade” for a popular American TV show called “The Masked Singer”. The joint venture also intends to launch a dedicated digital marketplace for Emmy Award-winning producer Dan Harmon’s upcoming animated comedy, Krapopolis, marking the first animated series to be curated entirely on the blockchain.

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