Apple Music Is Offering Free Songs to Play on This Christmas Season

Apple Music is celebrating this Christmas season with its customers by offering free songs from A-list artists including Mariah Carey, Coldplay, Alessia Keys, Elton John, DJ Khaled and Nile Rodgers. The new offering is available under the ‘From Apple Music with Love’ campaign which is currently live in India and across the world. Apple is aiming to please its customers and the likes of Amazon Music, Spotify and YouTube Music with its latest move.

a member of Apple Music This Christmas season will see special Extended Play (EP) records, playlists, DJ remixes and a special radio show as part of the gifts. There will be special material each day, and the first five-song holiday EP in the series is the Infinity Station sessions from Record Coldplay.

The first piece of content offered to Apple Music subscribers was recorded local audio with Dolby Atmos To provide surround sound experience on compatible hardware. The record will include highlights from Coldplay’s ninth album Music of the Spheres, as well as a rendition of British rock band Christmas Lights from 2010. It will also feature songs including Higher Power, Human Heart, People of the Pride and Coloratura.

“As we enter the most wonderful time of the year, we’re offering a special gift for Apple Music users – just because we love you.” Apple Wrote on Apple Music app, informed users about the offer.

You can expect more EP records and songs to celebrate this Christmas time on Apple Music in the coming days.

is apple music Available Under free trial for three months. After that, you can get it for Rs. One can share membership with up to 99 additional members in a month under an individual plan or up to five additional members under a family plan. 149 per month. Students can avail discount on Apple Music subscription and get it at a monthly fee of Rs. 49. Also, recently Apple introduced A voice plan that you can use via Siri for Rs. 49 per month.

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