Clubhouse Adds Support for 13 New Languages Including Bengali and Marathi, Rolls Out ‘Topics’ Feature

Clubhouse has rolled out support for 13 new languages ​​on the social audio platform, taking the total number of vernacular languages ​​to 26. Support for two more Indian languages ​​- Bengali and Marathi is now rolling out to users along with 11 other languages. latest update. Clubhouse has also announced a new ‘topics’ feature that users can select to show their interest on their profile. The platform pioneered audio social networking which has now been replicated by the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

Announcement of Club House a. done through blog post that it was adding support for 13 new languages ​​- Arabic, Bengali, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Persian/Persian, Hausa, Igbo, Marathi, Nepali, Somali, Thai, Turkish and Yoruba. which user. want to use the localized version of club house Must be able to switch to one of these languages. The Clubhouse app for iOS currently lists about 130 languages ​​to choose from.

In November, the clubhouse was announced Rollout of support for 13 languages ​​on the social audio service. That update brought support for French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kannada, Korean, Malayalam, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Tamil and Telugu. The latest update of the app brings the total number of supported Indian languages ​​on Clubhouse to seven with Bengali and Marathi.

The new ‘Subjects’ feature announced by Clubhouse appears to be a rebranded ‘Interest’ feature and allows users to choose from thousands of themes, including cities, universities, sports, or even music genres. These will be displayed on their profile, so followers can see what interests the user. Clubhouse says users will be able to keep their favorite topics private by hiding them from their profiles.

The ‘Topics’ feature will also appear on other sections of the app, including the Topics page, which will show rooms, clubs and other users related to that topic. Similarly, rooms can also display topics to explain to participants what the room is discussing, and creators will be able to add and change these even when the room is live. According to the company, Clubhouse may soon begin testing the ability for users to create their own themes on the service.