DogeBonk Claims to Have Become the First Crypto in Space, Ahead of Elon Musk’s DOGE-1 Rocket Mission


DogeBonk, a meme coin that is barely two months old, claims to have defeated Elon Musk’s anticipated DOGE-1 rocket mission to become the first meme coin to be sent into space. The developers of the new cryptocurrency pilot Dogebonk into space using a stratospheric weather balloon on December 15th, a feat that was later streamed to Dogebonk followers — a “bonksquad” — as proof. The incident quickly gained a stream on Twitter, where members of the community began to joke about the Tesla and SpaceX CEO with the hashtag “sorrylon.” Sure, it was a weather balloon that flew to the edge of space, while Musk’s rocket plans to go to the Moon, so the scope is a little different, but it’s a fun, cheeky call-out nonetheless.

Resurrected from Hibernation by the Ragtag Group of the Unknown decentralized finance (DeFi) veteran, DogeBonk has been able to assemble a large community in a short amount of time, through which the developers of Meme Coin were able to raise funds for the Weather Balloon launch project.

The team tweeted: “Sorry Elon, but we beat dogecoin As the first meme coin in space. Watch it prove it tomorrow on our stream. DogeBonk is the first cryptocurrency in the space. It’s not too late to join us, but compromise?”

The launch of the meme coin was also accompanied by an onboard camera that filmed a banner showing the Dogecoin meme “bonking” the Dogecoin symbol. There’s also an animated image of Elon Musk crying in the background.

Previous stunts included a giant billboard in Times Square, a massive virtual “bonsker” video meme attended at the awards show. TwitchA custom themed DogeBonk short game, a state-of-the-art Hivemind chatbot trained on community members’ Telegram chat, and winning “Meme of the Year” on ‘r/Memes’, a subreddit With over 17 million customers.

DogeBonk identifies as a community-led project on the Binance smart chain network and has a native currency, named DOBO, which has risen 49.5 percent in valuation over the past week and is valued at $0.000000114633 (approximately 0.0000087). Rs.) coingeco,

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