India’s TWS Market Grew Whopping 92 Percent in Q3 Despite Global Slowdown: Canalys

According to a market analyst firm, India has consolidated its position as the third largest market for true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds with a share of 10 per cent. The market for TWS earbuds grew by 92 percent in the country to reach 7.3 million shipments in the third quarter of 2021. Growth in the TWS segment has helped grow the smart personal audio market in the country by 62 per cent, with 16.6 million units shipped. India’s growth has come especially at a time when the global smart personal audio market fell by 1.2 per cent to 118.8 million units.

Canalis said in his latest report That said, the smart personal audio market in North America declined 15 percent, while Western Europe saw a decline of 21 percent. This was mainly due to a drop in shipments from Apple as consumers were anticipating the next generation AirPods Sample.

However, the decline in global regions did not impact the smart personal audio products market in India including TWS earbuds. In fact, Canalys notes that growth in the country helped increase its worldwide market share to 14 percent.

“Strong performance is thanks to local brands, such as boat, Noise, And bolt, as well as smartphone players, such as real me, are rapidly increasing their TWS shipments,” said Canalys Research Analyst Ashwej Aithal.

Globally, the firm said that the TWS earbuds category grew marginally by 1.3 per cent to reach 72.2 million units. This was due to the decline of wireless headphones and earphones.

Canalys reported that wireless headphone shipments declined by 4.7 percent and earphones by 4.9 percent.

In the TWS earbuds category, Apple It continued to lead its global dominance with shipments up to 17.8 million units. However, Canalys said the company’s shipments fell by about a third from a year ago, due to a significant drop in demand for AirPods. it was because of waiting for AirPods (3rd generation) She started In October.

after apple samsung Defeated Xiaomi To come second in the market. It was supported by a strong performance from the launch of Galaxy Buds 2 Canalis said the earbuds and the latest additions from JBL’s TWS entry-level model.

As Canalis outlined, Xiaomi dropped to third place, it was not able to increase its affordable Redmi lineup in the market.

Interestingly, Boats from India became one of the top five TWS vendors globally in the third quarter. The company shipped 2.8 million units which helped it grab a stake of 3.8 percent. This was up from 0.9 million units shipped with a share of 1.2 per cent in the same quarter last year. The significant growth helped Boat clock annual growth of 220.5 percent.

Boat was followed by China’s Edifier which finished fifth with 2.7 million units.

Worldwide TWS Shipments and Q3 2021 Growth According to Canalys

Seller Q3 2021 Shipments (in million) Q3 2021 Shares Q3 2020 Shipment Q3 2020 Shares annual increase
Apples (including beets) 17.8 24.6% 26.8 37.6% -33.7%
Samsung (including Harman Assistant) 8.7 12.0% 7.7 10.8% 12.7%
Xiaomi 4.9 6.8% 6.3 8.8% -21.3%
boat 2.8 3.8% 0.9 1.2% 220.5%
Edifier 2.7 3.8% 2.5 3.5% 10.1%
other 35.4 49.0% 27.2 38.1% 30.1%

Canalys anticipates that the global TWS market will return to significant growth during the holiday season in the fourth quarter as Apple brings out its new AirPods and companies including Jabra, Sony and JBL are bringing their new models to a range of price points.

“These players are pressured to lower the average selling price of their TWS devices to make themselves market-competitive,” said Sherri Jin, Research Analyst at Canalys.

Analyst Aithal suggested that there could be a turning point where the TWS category overtakes wireless earphones in shipment numbers in India and other markets.

“Because of supply chain constraints and the promotion of manufacturing locally, the challenge is to ensure robust supply,” he said.

Earlier this month, International Data Corporation (IDC) reported that devices including TWS earbuds led the wearables market globally 9.9 percent year-on-year growth in the third quarter of 2021. It noted that Apple led the market, followed by Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei.

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