Jailed Dark Web Marketplace Founder Ross Ulbricht to Auction NFT Artwork, Proceeds to Fund His Release Efforts


Ross Ulbricht, the imprisoned founder of the now defunct dark web marketplace called “Silk Road”, has decided to auction off some of his artwork as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These pieces of art are being chosen from different stages in Ulbricht’s life so far. All ten of Ross’s original artwork and writing, as well as one original animation compiled into a single NFT, will be open for bidding from December 2 to December 8. In a blog post, Ulbricht has stated that he is also using the artwork to showcase his artwork. The story from being a kid to finding himself behind bars at the age of 29.

“I was 29 when I was arrested. Suddenly, sitting in prison, I had time to paint again. Then one day I was told ‘You should sell your art as one’ NFT‘,” Founder of Silk Road said In a post titled “My NFTs”.

Titled the “Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection,” the collection will include writings and artworks by Ulbricht. An original animation with voiceover from Ulbricht narrating his prison experience will also be part of his first NFT series.

a Twitter The handle, operated by Ulbricht’s “love of the free world,” posted a black-and-white glimpse of his artwork.

Ulbricht has been in prison since October 2015, when he was sentenced to two life sentences.

They launched Silk Road, a dark web marketplace in February 2011 that allowed the purchase of anything, including banned substances. Bitcoin,

As well as funding his efforts to get out of prison, Ulbricht has other plans with proceeds from NFT auctions.

“With the proceeds from this NFT, we are starting a donor-advised fund called Art4Giving, dedicated to alleviating the suffering of incarcerated and their families. There is much we can do, but one idea I am committed to , that is, helping children travel to visit their parents in prison,” the blog explained.

NFTs are digital collectibles whose ownership is transferable and locked on a blockchain network. Fidenza digital artwork number 938 called “God Mode”, which is worth $8.5 million (approximately Rs 63 crore), has been declared the first most expensive NFT in the history of the industry and is owned by the rapper. snoop dogg,

According to data from Market Tracker, the sales volume of NFTs grew to $10.7 billion (about Rs 79,820 crore) in the third quarter of 2021, an eight-fold increase from the previous quarter. DappRadar,

Rising sales and heavy prices on NFTs – commodities that do not exist physically – have baffled many, but the manifold growth shows little or no depreciation.

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