James Webb, the Largest-Ever Space Telescope, to Be Launched on Christmas Eve; Rocket Mounting Complete


The James Webb Space Telescope, the largest space telescope ever built and most notable since Hubble, is mounted atop Ariane 5, the rocket that will launch it into space from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana. The James Webb Space Telescope is designed to find answers to outstanding questions about the universe and other important discoveries in astronomy. It is to be launched on December 24, but not earlier, according to NASA.

On Thursday 16 December the European Space Agency (esa) entered instagram A series of pictures showing how James Webb The telescope was mounted on top of an Ariane 5 rocket. Once the telescope was brought to the final assembly building, it was slowly raised about 40 meters before maneuvering atop the rocket. Technicians then dropped the telescope’s launch vehicle adapter from the rocket.

ESA said the entire process was carried out following all safety and hygiene regulations, making it one of the most delicate operations as far as the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope is concerned.

“To create a closed-off space around the web to avoid any contamination, a ‘shower curtain’ about 12 meters high and 8 meters in diameter was installed between the two platforms,” ​​the space agency explained.

The next step would now be to contain the telescope Ariane 5S Specially customized fairing. Telescope ready to launch not earlier than 24th December Allowing teams to work on the issue of communication between the observatory and the launch vehicle system.

The James Webb Space Telescope, an international partnership between NASA, ESA, and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), is not only the largest but also the most powerful telescope ever launched into space. ESA is providing launch service to the telescope as part of an international agreement.

Along with its partners, ESA was tasked with developing and preparing the Ariane 5 adaptation for the mission. In addition, the space agency was also responsible for the procurement of the launch service by Arianespace.