Netflix New India Plans Cut Prices, Now Start at Rs. 149 per Month

Netflix’s plans for India are changing – with a significant drop in prices. Starting today, you’ll see savings of around 18 to 60 percent, depending on the Netflix plan you’re subscribed to. Netflix “Mobile” plan, earlier Rs. 199 per month, reduced by 25 per cent to Rs. 149 per month. The biggest savings are for the “Basic” Netflix plan – which was earlier Rs. was available in 499 per month, now it costs just Rs. 199 per month in India. Going up the ladder, the “standard” Netflix plan has been reduced from Rs. 649 per month to Rs. 499 per month. This is a savings of 23 percent. This omits the Netflix “Premium” plan, which goes from Rs. 799 per month to Rs. 649 per month. Basically, each of the four Netflix plans available in India have prices less than one below them, with “mobile” occupying a new slot at Rs. 149.

if you already have Netflix Subscription, you will be seamlessly upgraded to the higher plan starting today. The next time you log in, members will receive a notification on their device asking them to confirm upgrade Or choose another plan if they wish. For those with the top Netflix “Premium” plan, the change in pricing will take effect from the next billing cycle. The same goes for those who choose to stick to their existing plan as compared to their current price.

The profit remains the same. While the Netflix “Mobile” plan offers standard-resolution (SD) 480p content on phones and tablets, the “Basic” plan allows you to watch it on any device, though you’re still limited to that lower 480p resolution. (Netflix is ​​the last major platform to offer SD video on its non-mobile plans, as both amazon prime video And Disney+ Hotstar Allow HD streaming. Amazon limits you to SD content on the Prime Video mobile version. Disney+ Hotstar doesn’t have video quality restrictions on either plan.) With the “Standard” Netflix plan, you upgrade to higher-resolution (HD) 1080p video, and the Netflix “Premium” plan lets you upgrade to 4K resolution and higher. – Provides access to dynamic. -Range (HDR) video.

Plan old price new price Savings Resolution Device
netflix mobile Rupee. 199/month Rupee. 149/month 25.12% 480p 1 (mobile only)
netflix basic Rupee. 499/month Rupee. 199/month 60.12% 480p 1
netflix standard Rupee. 649/month Rupee. 499/month 23.11% 1080p 2
netflix premium Rupee. 799/month Rupee. 649/month 18.77% 4K HDR 4

With these new prices, Netflix is ​​a bit more competitive in India. amazon prime video found expensive on tuesday, with Amazon Prime subscription going up to Rs. 999 per annum to Rs. 1,499 per year. That means approx Rs. 125 per month. Unlike Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon offers 4K HDR streaming and multiple devices on a single plan. there it is that the aforesaid prime video mobile version Which is available across select mobile operators and starts at Rs. 89 per month. Disney+ remains Hotstar most economical Many, with Rs. 499 per year mobile plan. That means around Rs. 42 a month. There’s also Disney+ Hotstar Super (Rs 899 per year) and 4K and Disney+ Hotstar Premium (Rs 1,499 per year) for up to four devices if you want to watch simultaneously on two devices.

In a prepared statement, netflix india Monica Shergill, VP of Content, said: “As Indians, we love great entertainment. Whatever your mood, taste or plan, Netflix is ​​now even more accessible. No matter what you choose to do Aranyaki on Friday, money heist on Saturday, or blast And sooryavanshi On Sundays, you can watch all Netflix on your mobile for Rs. 149, and on any device starting at Rs. 199.”

netflix new india plans Mobile Rs. 149, at basic Rs. 199, at the standard Rs. 499, and premium Rs. 649 – are now available.