Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video vs Disney+ Hotstar vs Apple TV: Pricing, Plans Compared


Netflix recently slashed the price of its subscription plans in India, bringing down the cost of all plans on the streaming service. From the most expensive 4K HDR premium plan which now costs Rs. 649 below Rs. 799, for the mobile-only plan which is now Rs. 149 down from 199. Netflix isn’t the only streaming service to revise its subscription options. Both Amazon and Disney+ Hotstar, which offer streaming services, have also changed their pricing, with the former increasing the Prime annual subscription cost by 50 percent as of December 14.

Here is a quick comparison between Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar and Apple TV+ in India as of December 15, 2021.

Netflix amazon prime video Apple TV+ Disney+ Hotstar
level 1 Rupee. 129/month (mobile only, 1 device, SD) Rupee. 179/month (1 device, 4K HDR) Rupee. 99/month (1 device, 4K HDR) Rupee. 499/year (mobile only, 1 device, HD)
tier 2 Rupee. 179/month (1 device, SD) Rupee. 459/quarter (1 device, 4K HDR) n/a Rupee. 899/year (2 devices, HD)
tier 3 Rupee. 499/month (2 devices, HD) Rupee. 1,499/year (1 device, 4K HDR) n/a Rupee. 1,499/year (4 devices, 4K)
tier 4 Rupee. 649/month (4 devices, 4K HDR) n/a n/a n/a


After revising his plans on Tuesday, Netflix Is price drop Of all the four plans on the service. The basic mobile-only plan costs Rs. 149 per month, and the show can be streamed and downloaded in 480p resolution to a mobile phone or tablet. If users want Chromecast support or want to watch shows and movies on their computer, Netflix offers a basic plan that costs Rs. 199 per month with 480p resolution. The Netflix Standard plan offers 1080p (Full-HD) content for up to two devices and is priced at Rs. 499 per month, while the premium plan costs Rs. 649 per month and offers 4K HDR content on up to four devices.

Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar as well revised your plans launched this year, and users can choose from three plans based on their needs. The basic, mobile-only plan will allow users to stream shows and movies at 720p resolution on their smartphones and is priced at Rs. 499 for the year. Super plan priced at Rs. 899 per year, but works on two devices and supports streaming at 1080p resolution. Disney+ Hotstar also offers a premium plan priced at Rs 1,499 per year, which supports 4K content and works on up to four devices. While the mobile-only plan supports stereo audio, the Super and Premium plans offer support for 5.1 channel audio.

amazon prime video

prime video Not charged as a separate service, meaning customers signed up for amazon head Automatically has access to the service. Amazon has reworked its prices till December 14, which means an annual subscription is now 50 percent off at Rs. 1,499. Monthly plan cost now Rs. 179 (above Rs 129) while the quarterly plan costs Rs. 329 up from Rs 459, according to Amazon. Amazon Prime membership gives users access to Amazon Prime Shopping along with Prime Music and Prime Video.

Apple TV+

Apple TV+ The price is Rs. 99 per month, and new users are offered a seven-day trial. However, users who have subscribed to Apple One, the company’s all-in-one subscription service, can access Apple TV+ as well as 50GB of iCloud storage, Apple Arcade and Apple Music for Rs. 195 per month or get Apple One plan for your family. 365 per month, which offers 200GB instead of 50GB on the Personal plan.