Pokemon Go Gets Update With Native Refresh Rate Support on iOS for Higher FPS, Smoother Gameplay


Pokémon Go for iOS has been updated with support for higher refresh rates on compatible smartphones, bringing improved tactile feedback to the iPhone version of the popular location-based game. The game’s latest update on the App Store now allows users to “unlock” their smartphone’s native refresh rate for higher frames per second (fps) while playing Pokémon Go. However, turning on the setting for native refresh rate support can reduce battery life, especially on older iPhone models.

The game had new settings to enable higher FPS spotty by The Verge on the latest edition of pokemon go app for iOS, but developer Niantic hasn’t mentioned the new feature anywhere in its changelog for the new update. The setting itself is buried deep in the Advanced Settings section of the app, and the game doesn’t notify users or prompt them to try the new feature.

The Pokémon Go app on iOS can now reportedly run at 60 FPS on iPhones, which showed clearly smoother animations in our testing on the One. iphone 11, As per the report, the game used to run at 30 fps earlier, so users were playing the game at iphone 13 pro And this iphone 13 pro max The biggest improvement you should see in your smartphone thanks to its 120Hz display.

Enabling Native Refresh Rate Support setting on iPhone 11.

Gamers who want to use the native refresh rate on their iPhone can try out the new setting, visit the App Store and check for updates, as the setting has been enabled on version 1.191.0 of the game. After updating, here’s how you enable native refresh rate on Pokemon Go:

1. Tap poke ball on the main screen

2. Tap Adjustment

3. Scroll down and tap advanced settings

4. Lastly, Tap on native refresh rate, to see the message “Native refresh rate unlocked” and a green tick mark when it is turned on.

The new feature to enable native refresh rate support on Pokémon Go for iOS may provide a visual improvement, but will almost certainly come at the cost of battery life, so users of older iPhone models or recent smartphones like Apple iPhone SE (2020) And iphone 12 mini You may want to leave the setting off.

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