Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Twitter Handle Briefly Compromised, Bitcoin Adoption Tweet Put Out by Hackers


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Twitter handle was briefly hacked on Sunday, and a tweet was posted claiming that India has “officially adopted bitcoin as legal tender”.

The Prime Minister’s Office later said that the account was immediately secured after the matter escalated. Twitter,

The statement said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Twitter handle was tampered with for some time. The matter was taken up with Twitter and the account was immediately secured. Any tweet should be ignored.”

PM’s tweet Modi’s Personal handle was hacked within hours it also claimed that India has officially bought 500 BTC and is distributing them among its residents and shared a link urging people to hurry .

The future has come today, it said.

Several users immediately indicated that the account had been hacked. Some like Youth Congress President Srinivas Biwi posted a screenshot of the now deleted tweet, tweeting, “Good morning Modi ji, sab chaga si?”

This is not the first time that a Twitter handle associated with the Prime Minister has been tampered with.

In September 2020, the handle of his personal website was hacked and tweets from @narendramodi_in promoting bitcoin, linked to a scam, were also posted.

PM Modi’s accounts are not alone in being targeted by hackers for pushing Bitcoin, a cryptocurrencyas the handles of many famous public figures, including Barack Obama And Bill Gates Apart from this people from other sectors like entertainment have been targeted in the past. bitcoin price in india stood at Rs. 39.65 lakh till 10 am on December 13.

It may be noted that India has taken a tough stance on cryptocurrencies.

PM Modi has been vocal in highlighting the risks associated with crypto, including the recent Democracy Summit hosted by the US President Joe Biden, and in their internal meetings with government officials

The government has expressed concerns that cryptocurrencies could be used to lure investors with misleading claims and to finance terrorist activities and money laundering. There is a possibility of bringing a law to deal with the issue.

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