Promising Smartphones of 2021 That Did Not Make It to India


We see a lot of premium flagship smartphones arriving in India soon after they go on sale in the international markets, which only shows that India is an important market for most smartphone brands. However, there are some manufacturers who have held back despite expecting some models to be launched in 2021. These are devices that appeared promising, and in some cases, looked like it would be perfect, but for reasons best known to manufacturers, never showed up.


Google is at the top of the most wanted list. New Pixel 6 And 6 Pro These are probably the most interesting Android smartphones to be announced this year, mainly because they have a new Tensor processor designed by Google. The company is trying to closely integrate its hardware and software; A formula that Apple is following year after year. In addition, the Pixel 6 models come with Google’s latest service . The first smartphones to run Android 12,

Given the low competition in the ultra-premium Android smartphone segment in India, which now consists only of Samsung and Vivo smartphones, the Google Pixel 6 may have made things interesting. Its computational photography smart and clean near-stock Android software, which is a rarity in this segment, will surely have fans here. Unfortunately, Google Confirmed As for Gadgets 360, soon after the launch that its Pixel 6 range would not arrive in India citing global demand and supply issues.

No, we haven’t done it yet! Another smartphone that Pixel fans have been eagerly waiting for was Pixel 5a 5g, to upgrade it Pixel 4a 5g It has an IP67-rated body made of aluminum and a large battery. With these omissions, most Pixel loyalists in the country (including many fans of Google’s Nexus lineup) will have to move to other brands or wait for things to change. Google launched Pixel 4a ,Review) in India in 2020 (but not the Pixel 4a 5G), which raised hopes of a 5a 5G launch in 2021. Sadly, Google had other plans. Pixel 6a 5G has already started showing in leaks And is reportedly in the works, so fans can try to keep their fingers crossed.


Microsoft recently built up some momentum with its Windows-powered Surface Laptops and 2-in-1s in India, so it’s little surprise that the Surface Duo lineup has never made it here. While the original Duo wasn’t the most practical everyday phone, Microsoft recently announced a new and advanced Surface Duo 2, which houses three cameras at the back for a more flagship camera experience.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 Image 1

Under the hood is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor with enough horsepower to light up those two 90Hz PixelSense Fusion displays. Given that Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 ,Review) And flip 3 ,Review) being the only foldable device available in India, Microsoft’s Surface Duo 2 will surely spice things up in the ultra-premium segment.


Xiaomi doesn’t shy away from flexing its premium gear in the Indian market. A brand mostly known for its budget smartphones, Xiaomi started launching premium devices in 2020 (2017 if you consider it) Mi Mix 2) with him Mi 10 ,Review), and then this year with more premium releases, Mi 11 Ultra ,Review) While its smartphones are still quite competitive in terms of overall price, Xiaomi’s first foldable, the mi mix fold, it is not made in India.

Xiaomi mi mix fold image

Even Xiaomi’s Global VP Manu Kumar Jain tweeted About bringing it to the country soon after its launch in China, but no plans have been announced yet. Folding bits aside, this phone also features a unique liquid camera lens, which the company claims can provide both telephoto and macro capabilities, as well as focus faster and more accurately.


after Asus 6ZAsus did not bring the 7 series to India and now the launch of the 8Z series also remains a mystery at the time of publishing this article. Back in May, Asus published Landing Page Its official website for India has revealed the specifications of this phone (and it is still live today), which appears to be zenfone 8 (Which was likely to be called 8Z in India). However, since then there has been no news of the launch of this phone in India. NS asus zenfone 8, as it is known to the rest of the world, is a compact flagship smartphone with a 5.9-inch 120Hz sAMOLED display and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC. It is one of the first Asus smartphones to have an IP68 rating.


after cancellation Find X2 Pro Launching in India in 2020, Oppo has remained silent about the launch of another premium flagship and has focused on its premium mid-range Reno series. Find X3 series was Unveiled globally in March with Find X3 Lite, Find X3 Neo, Find X3, And Find X3 Pro, NS Find X3 Pro Features a unique 3-megapixel microlens sensor to capture more details, allowing us to see objects up to 60X closer, which is like a microscope. The unique looking camera module would have made this phone an interesting addition to the existing ultra-premium flagship lineup in India.


Fairphone has been making smartphones for some time, and fairphone 4 Adds 5G to the mix. Each Fairphone 4 comes with a 5-year warranty and high repairability score, meaning you can repair and replace the parts yourself with little more than a screwdriver. Parts are available in the countries where this phone is sold, so it’s a little disappointing that this DIY-friendly brand hasn’t made it here yet.


Even though Sony’s mobile division announced its exit from several markets around the world, it has been coming up with interesting smartphones lately. New Xperia Pro-i A good example of how Sony adapts its consumer camera technology to its smartphone range. NS Xperia Pro-i Made waves for being the first smartphone to feature a 1.0-inch camera sensor with phase detection autofocus. It’s basically the same 1.0-inch sensor that’s in the RX100 IV compact camera. What makes it even more interesting is the camera’s variable aperture system, which can switch between f/2.0 and f/4.0. Rounding out the camera experience is the two-stage shutter key.

Sony Xperia Pro and Sony Website

While the phone has yet to go on sale, Sony has announced That it plans to launch it only in select European markets such as the UK, France, Germany, Netherlands and Nordics, along with the United States. There’s a slightly watery version of the Pro-Eye Xperia 1 III, Save for the primary camera sensor, it packs in most of the hardware features available on the Pro-i. This model is also expected to only make it select markets from the beginning of summer.


Was OnePlus Nord N200 5G Had it reached India, it would have made for a very interesting budget smartphone. It must have been one of the most affordable OnePlus devices in a long time, slotting in for less than the Nord CE 5G. Unfortunately, it’s exclusive to North America for reasons best known to OnePlus. Instead, we got nord ce 5g ,Review), which is still a mid-range smartphone.


Motorola has launched several budget smartphones in the country and also the ultra-premium Moto Razr series with folding display. Still, there are a few models that were announced globally but didn’t make it to India. is an example Moto G100, a premium smartphone with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 870 SoC, which makes things uncomfortable realme gt neo 2 ,Review) And this OnePlus 9R ,Review,

Moto G100

Moto G100 initially went on sale in Europe and Latin America, and now Motorola has already introduced a follow-up called the . is called Moto G200, which is expected to be leading same market as its predecessor.


India is an important market for Nokia (HMD Global) and this is evident from the number of smartphones launched here. Despite bringing in most of its budget and entry-level smartphones and premium Nokia XR20 Also, India has missed out on Recently Announced X Series Totally, that includes the X20 and X10. Both Nokia X10 And this X20 The cameras are mid-range devices with a focus on quality. still missing Nokia G50, which is a budget smartphone and the most top-of-the-line offering from Nokia in this price range G-20 ,Review,


Huawei’s last premium smartphone in India was P30 Pro ,Review) it was a good competitor overall, until Google pulled the plug on Android support due to international restrictions. Now, the brand sells accessories only in India. Same with Google’s Pixel range nowhere in sightSamsung alone has the fort for ultra-premium Android smartphones in India. this year, Huawei’s P50 Pro The battle would have been fought.

Huawei P50 Pro

The phone is available in Kirin 9000 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC options and features a unique looking camera setup that includes a 50-megapixel primary camera, a 40-megapixel monochrome camera, a 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, and a 64-megapixel primary camera. Megapixel telephoto camera that offers up to 100X digital zoom. Google’s apps and services are lacking, but given its imaging capabilities, we think it would have made for an interesting option in the premium segment.


While there has been a decline in high-end gaming smartphones in 2021, Lenovo’s Legion Phone Duel 2 There definitely looks to be a weird looking camera layout part in the center when held horizontally. There’s even a motorized pop-up front-facing camera (again, aligned in landscape orientation) so gamers can stream themselves playing without getting their hands in the way.

legion phone duel 2 launch

There’s also a visual fan with RGB lighting (plus a second hidden one) and several touch-sensitive triggers on the back and sides. This phone can also be charged with two chargers simultaneously. Lenovo did State Though the Legion Phone Dual 2 would make it to select markets in Asia Pacific and Europe, it never made it to India.